Amanda Collins

Amanda’s work includes multiple facets: she is a Feng Shui expert, a yoga teacher, and a singer-songwriter. In combining her talents, she acts as a spiritual guide, leading her clients on unique uplifting journeys—be it around the world, within their own home, or most essentially, through their own internal landscape. Amanda was born and raised in Ireland and now calls San Diego, California her home base.

Amanda is best known as a Feng Shui consultant, speaker, and instructor. As a young girl growing up in the Irish countryside, she began practicing Feng Shui unknowingly. Her innate instinct and a profound love of nature guided her to rearrange family furniture and to bring stones, flowers, and other natural elements into the home. She’d ride her horse through the rolling green hills, singing and rejoicing in the splendor of the beautiful landscape, and these elements and experiences later informed the philosophy that Feng Shui involves harmonizing with the natural world. Amanda trained with renowned Feng Shui masters at the Compass School of Feng Shui in China, and as a devoted scholar, she has studied sacred spaces in Asia, Australia, Europe, and South America. She has achieved certifications in green-design, interior redesign, and the art of showcasing homes for sale.

Amanda offers Feng Shui consulting to individuals and businesses throughout the world. She recognizes that living and working spaces reflect a person’s interior life, and she helps her clients to understand what their environment communicates about them. Her individual and family clients routinely impart positive results in working with Amanda, including healings, meeting soulmates, pregnancies, promotions, and enhanced prosperity. Corporate clients report increased productivity, earnings, and morale. Amanda has worked with such notable clients as DreamWorks, Hyundai, Bloomingdales, and Morgan Stanley.

Amanda regularly shares her Feng Shui wisdom through the mass media and has written for various publications like Positive Life, Vision Magazine, and the San Diego Union-Tribune, and has appeared on a host of television stations including FOX News and WB. Driven to teach the art of Feng Shui, she founded the International Feng Shui School, through which she offers certification training programs.

As a certified Deep Yoga instructor, Amanda teaches sacred yoga asana, pranayama, and mantra in conjunction with live music. Her classes help people to connect deeply with their bodies, open their hearts, elevate their intentions, and celebrate sound. Her love of song has given rise to her singing and songwriting—a blend of Irish, Blues, Sanskrit, and Soul music; she often opens or closes classes with her heart-centered chants, and incorporates music in her Manifesting Your Soulmate Workshop.

Amanda leads annual spiritual journeys around Ireland and China. These international Sacred Journeys naturally grew out of her Feng Shui practice as clients requested that she lead them around the sacred sites that have inspired her. Amanda is delighted to invite her students to visit her homeland where she feels a deep connection with the Celtic energies of the Emerald Isle.

On a personal note, Amanda is an avid recycler and bicyclist; she totes canvas bags to the grocery store, times her showers, and makes organic cleaning supplies from common household products. Spending time with her husband Seth and her son Patrick bring her to life! She’s enjoying a second childhood on her many adventures with Patrick—they can be found hiking the picturesque trails around San Diego, scouting for snails, digging in the sand, jumping in puddles on a rainy day, and just plain laughing no matter what they are doing.

Through Feng Shui Amanda supports the flow of energy within physical spaces and structures; through Yoga and music she helps guide this same chi within the body; through sacred journeys she celebrates the life force that abides in the natural environment and sacred sites.

T01-YA-TEACHER-RYT-200Amanda Collins, RYT 200
Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher




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