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Feng Shui graduate from Acupuncturist Christian Cristiano gives the International Feng Shui School c

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San Diego School of Feng Shui Alumni Fabs Ramirez sharing her experience after going through Amanda

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San Diego School of Feng Shui Alumni Fabs Ramirez sharing her experience after going through Amanda

Loved the training very comprehensive and clearly explained. The manual well put together and detailed covering pretty much everything I enjoyed every moment of the training and surprisingly the opening rituals its really became important part of my day and helped me to concentrate on what was going on. It is an excellent training that really reflected the world of Feng Shui honoring individuals and their environments in which we live. Amanda thank you from my Soul!
Lisa O Hara, Ireland, Graduate
Amanda is an inspiration a living and breathing expression of the magic of Feng Shui. Her knowledge, passion and love of Feng Shui permeate the entire training. The certification covered all the aspects of Feng Shui giving me the knowledge and confidence to be ready to start my Feng Shui business today. So that I can share and inspire even more people with this fabulous art. Thank you much love and light!
Patricia Lohan, Ireland, Graduate
I did not appreciate how much emotion the Feng Shui would bring up watching how the different elements of the course brought about different emotions in myself and people around me at the training. Doing the course has really brought home to me how important our physical surroundings are to our emotional health and well being. One can not work on our inner problems without being supported by our physical surroundings specially in the home. Many thanks, Love and hugs
Ken Mahon, Ireland, Graduate
This training has been so empowering and I have the tools to apply to my life and the lives of others. I highly recommend the whole experience. Your teaching and guidance was so giving so patient and the experience will stay with me forever.
Sarah Niaoidhe, Ireland, Graduate
Amanda has a lovely generous flowing energy that makes it easy to learn and the time went too fast. cant wait to get going on my space.
Sarah, Ireland, Graduate
"Life Altering" is the word that I awoke to one morning during the training. And that beautifully describes what this experience has been for me. I have not yet implemented any changes in my home but I already feel inspired more positive and more connected.
Marie Vickers, San Diego, Graduate
Thank you Amanda for this wonderful teaching and sharing of your knowledge. This time together has been more than I could have imagined it would be. Feeling so blessed to be part of the Feng Shui world thank you so much!
Fionnuala O'Callaghan, Ireland, Graduate
Amanda Collins has an amazing abundance of Feng Shui knowledge and desires a wealth of complicated information in and easy going way. The training was 110% and exceeded my expectations.
Deirdre O'Hara, Ireland, Graduate
Hey Amanda and all you other gorgeous people who shared the training with me last week. Thank you for a wonderful week. I keep on smiling (and yes, sometimes even laughing) to myself as memories from the week scroll through my mind. We will keep in touch xxx
Susan Stellerman, Graduate
Oh my gosh- there are not enough word in my vocabulary to describe how wonderful you are as a teacher/healer/and mentor. Your down to earth nature and living spirit with all your students makes you very approachable, and easy to love. You are always positive, fair, and thoughtful. You are sincere, kind, loving, full of fun, and cute as a speckled puppy. Your energy, wealth of knowledge, and experience are to be admired by even the best educated and world travelled, YOU ARE TRULY AMAZING!!
Maria Bayless, San Diego, Graduate
Thank you sooo much for your and unlimited enthusiasm about Feng Shui. During the masters training program your guidance was so pivotal in helping me finding the dream career I have been praying for. The curriculum used during the classes, with the emphasis in the balance between the intuitive and the exact mathematical aspects of Feng Shui were absolutely fascinating to me. Your kindness and vast wisdom have helped me start a new chapter in my life and for that I will always be grateful to you. I feel so blessed to have been given such wonderful gift of knowledge. Imagine, I, now have the ability to create a home that helps support me, my family and my future clients in all aspects of our lives. Wow! Thank you Amanda for being such an amazing teacher!!! It was an honor and a privilege to be a part of your class. Lots of love,
Christian Choiseul, Graduate
I began studying Feng Shui in the 90’s but felt incomplete with Black Hat Sect. Even after formal certification in Compass Feng Shui, I felt something missing, with my practice only intermittently effective. I will forever be grateful that I was led to the International School of Feng Shui, and certification in Classical Feng Shui. Amanda Collins’ masterful instruction of a complex system within an environment of spiritual retreat was just what both my mind and heart were seeking. Not only are my consultations now providing dynamic results, I know I have become a better person for having taken the course I would recommend the course to all, true, spiritual seekers.
Mary Gilmer, San Diego 2014, Graduate
What can I say? This beautiful gifted lady has a huge influence on my life. I attended her Feng Shui course in Dublin in May & it was so comprehensive and challenging , but Amanda's methods of teaching were amazing and helped us all learn in an easy relaxing soulful way. Not only did we learn Feng Shui we learned about ourselves. We have become quite a team ever since & walked away with confidence to start practicing Feng Shui, which I thought I could never do. Thanks to Amanda, for a life changing experience. "When the student is ready - the teacher will arrive" how blessed were we that it was Amanda x
Elke Fingleton, Ireland, Graduate
I would do the course all again tomorrow and do it forever. I really enjoyed myself, loved the people I met and learned what I think is something really valuable. Since opening up to the Ancient knowledge of Feng Shui, I’m starting to connect the dots in other areas of my life. Not only has it benefitted me but I’m seeing a positive difference in the people who’s houses I’m Feng Shuing also. I see it as therapy. It’s a very intimate thing when you read the client’s questionnaires. People reveal their deepest fears and wishes. And it’s a very special thing and I feel honored to be able to help them gain clarity in their lives in some small way. I feel a deep need to help people and I’m absolutely delighted to do it through the peaceful harmonious way of Feng Shui. The thing I liked least is that it ended too soon because I know there is soo much more to know and learn and remember! The thing I liked most is I learned a lot more than Feng Shui in the class like chanting with visualization and meditation, trust of others, acceptance of myself. I also learned, by example, that it’s possible to be positive all day long teaching a course like this! There’s so much more that I learned too but I’d be here for hours! Thank you Amazing Amanda! I’m sure it’s not the first time you’ve heard the term Amazing Amanda! Lots of love and lots of beautiful light!!
Fiona O Neill, Dublin Ireland, Graduate
I attended the International School of Feng Shui in June 2010. I studied under Feng Shui Master, Amanda Collins. Amanda is an influential teacher of the science, theories, and practices of Feng Shui. She has played a supportive role in offering a consistent and strong knowledge base for my career endeavors and visions. She is very insightful and has been an outstanding mentor.
Kathy Peterson, Graduate
It has been a true honor to receive my Master Certification in Feng Shui from Amanda Collins. She is an amazing and gifted teacher. The International Feng Shui School offers an amazing experience to all aspiring Feng Shui Masters.
Sylvia, San Diego, Graduate
I have so much gratitude in my heart for you and what you do. You have such a beautiful spirit and demeanor. You help other's to achieve health, wellness, and realize their pure potential. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to meet you and learn from you. Namaste,
Kristi Plume, Graduate
Amanda is a beautiful Light worker with people and with spaces! She shares her immense knowledge, expertise, Joy for living, Generous Spirit, and beautiful Heart in all she does. I loved experiencing her in her newest heart's work: 'Manifest Your Soul mate' workshop where she mixes in Yoga, Feng Shui and sound healing. I would highly recommend Amanda and her transformational gifts.
Tammera Logan, Life Coach
The International Feng Shui School is outstanding among the large number of feng shui training schools in existence today. Built on the principles of classical feng shui and lead by a feng shui beacon of light, Amanda Collins, it provides rich soil for those students seeking to grow their feng shui knowledge and experience. It is a privilege to take a training course with this school, because not only will you be lavished with the accumulation of wisdom and knowledge that comprises their training course, you also become competent in the practical side of classical feng shui AND have lots of fun along the way!! When you finish your training, the International Feng Shui School then invites you into a support network where its most experienced consultants are available to help provide solutions to the feng shui questions that its graduate students find along their own paths. I recommend the International Feng Shui School without hesitation.
Sarah O Connell, Sligo Ireland, Graduate
Amanda works from her heart and is very gifted at what she does. I completed her feng shui course equipped with the ancient knowledge and wisdom of this beautiful art and complex science. However, It wasn't until I used it on my own business that I truly realized the power of this cosmic energy. Amanda has helping me reconnect with this way of life. Much gratitude and love, Yours under the Elm, Ian
Ian Claxton, Ireland, Graduate
Joan Garland Moore It was absolutely amazing so sad its over. I'm carrying the big manual around and reading it every chance I get thank you so much for coming to Walmer and sharing your wisdom on Feng Shui it was inspirational Xx
Joan Moore, Ireland, Graduate
Truly inspired by the teachings and all of you, wonderful time and times to come, much love to each and everyone of you.
Fiona Caulfield, Ireland, Graduate
Amanda Collin’s Feng Shui training is a truly life transforming program. She is a very gifted and talented Feng Shui consultant and an amazing teacher. Through her class you will learn not only how to improve your life through the ancient “magic” of Feng Shui, you will also learn valuable information to help other people while making long-lasting friendships. Amanda’s warmth, compassion and generosity combined with her years of experience and accumulated knowledge in several topics make her class a well-rounded and pleasant educational experience.
Natalie Vail, Acupuncturist, medium and herbalist
Thank you with all of my heart for the most amazing and enlightening week! Your love and light shine through your wonderful teachings and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to study with you. Thank you for sharing all of your knowledge and wisdom! I feel so honored and blessed to have been a part of this beautiful group of Feng Shui Angels!
Anne Phillips Pitzer , Graduate
I pretty much loved everything about the class. The camaraderie was really nice and I really loved the music, the dancing, and the chanting in which you so enthuasically took part in. It inspired even the shyest of students (which obviously wasn’t me) LOL the Goddess/ Angel cards etc. were a really nice touch- especially if you were not use to doing this sort of thing. I found that the cards I picked were always pertinent to my day for some reason- very interesting to say the least; I enjoyed learning about all the “tools”. You introduced us to from the compass, to cleansing salts, space clearing techniques using bells, chimes etc. I loved all the fresh air you allowed us to have each day, the field trips. I truly enjoyed everything you had to share…your experiences, words of wisdom, and your graciousness and heart. Great job on allowing for students differences. You certainly bring out the best in all your students. You are a great teacher and have so much to share with this universe. WOW! Thank you for taking us under your wing. You are an inspiration to all women for your inner beauty, and desire to make this world better. I truly appreciate all the time and energy you put into this class. You are loved,
Lulu, Graduate
Amanda Collins came to my home and did a Feng Shui consultation. She gave me very practical suggestions, simple changes to make and did an energy clearing. I followed her suggestions and have to say the difference has been life changing. My house feels like a home and my life feels like its moving in the right direction. My friends noticed the change in my home and in me! The amazing thing to me was I still have the same furniture and most of the same accents. I followed her instructions on how to lay things out, what elements to add and what take away... and did it all with intention. This went so well, we moved on to Feng Shui the office I work in. Our company has since felt a big increase in activity, interest and sales of our product! It helped bring us together as a group. Thanks Amanda! After experiencing the amazing effects of Feng Shui I decided I must take Amanda’s San Diego School of Feng Shui Master Training in May 2010 and have to say I am really glad I did! Amanda has an incredible wealth of knowledge to share. She is very pleasant, fun, and easy to learn from. Her class gave me all the tools I need to start my own Feng Shui business. This training brings together many of the aspects that relate to Feng Shui and shows how to make practical application. It gives her students the tools they need to help people make meaningful and positive change. She also provides continued learning opportunities and support for her students. I would love to take another one of her classes!
Theresa DeMarco, Feng Shui Consultant
I had been looking for a San Diego-based Feng Shui Master teacher and course to enhance various Feng Shui studies begun in 2000. I attended two lectures by Amanda By the quality of her lecture and handouts and our general rapport, I enrolled in and graduated from the San Diego School of Feng Shui June 2009 course. First, as a result of knowledge gained, I was able to uplift my own home and life, in short, by implementing ALL Classical remedies, including strengthening my element of Water in a marriage relationship and home that was Wood based. Amanda assisted me with a thorough space clearing; one major Water enhancement was placing a large metal fountain in the backyard. Within a few months, I had improved health, a rather complicated financial issue was resolved in our favor, and I concluded to make a career change to Feng Shui consulting after many years in retail business and also corporate America. In brief: Advanced Feng Shui studies and association with Amanda Collins/San Diego School of Feng Shui made for great progress in the areas of relationship, physical, and financial well being and career. I have recently begun serving others via my Feng Shui practice; it is extremely rewarding to see progress in my life and the lives of others thru applying skills learned from Amanda Collins and the International Feng Shui School.
Diana A, San Diego, Graduate
I took Amanda's Feng Shui Master training and it has changed my practice and life! I have been in the healing arts for over 16 years and have been practicing Oriental Medicine for 7 years. To add this ancient art to my practice has helped me to see an even more in-depth and complete view of my patient’s health and lifestyle. The Feng Shui starts to shift their life as soon as you start the consult and the changes are POWERFUL! It is an invaluable addition to my practice and Amanda's wisdom, practicality and expertise made it possible for me to graduate from the course and start a practice of my own. I recommend this to ANYBODY to wants to be more in tune for their own life or to help others.
Sarah Wergin, R.N., Acupuncturist, Sound Healer
After doing research online on Feng Shui schools, I came across Amanda’s web site. I was impressed by the training outline and the great amount of information she would be covering during the training. From the first time I met Amanda I felt welcomed and so very comfortable by her presence and serene environment. Amanda is truly gifted as a Master Feng Shui practitioner/instructor and a beautiful soul. The way she presents her classes is empowering, enjoyable, and her stories/examples will keep you wanting more. Her knowledge, wisdom, insight, compassion, intuition, and humor make her a great role model. It is obvious that she loves her occupation and serves us with her exquisite talents. Taking her class will amaze you, will open and expand your life. This will be an investment in yourself with enormous outcome. I will be eternally grateful for her guidance! Amanda has been more than just a Feng Shui instructor to me. She is my inspiration and has taught me how to pray/meditate, how to change the energy flow inside of me and how to take control of my life. This was all done by using Feng Shui practices and incorporating them into my current spiritual life. She continues to guide me to new levels anytime I ask. Amanda is a friend, advisor, coach, team leader and cheerleader-for-life and is genuinely happy to see me succeed. She does this by leading by example and showing that hard work and determination will bring results right to your feet. Amanda, a million thanks for taking the Feng Shui road with me and for showing me that this road can be a harmonious and peaceful one! Love Always!
Zaid Iñiguez, Certified in Residential Feng Shui and Realtor
This course was priceless! Amanda is a gifted teacher – very organized, thorough, responsible, and caring. She made sure everyone of us had mastered the information of the course, which we did. She is so generous, giving, loving, genuine and positive! I love when Amanda did the visuals. They were so inspiring, helpful, and I loved listening to Amanda, hearing her stories and other interesting information. I LOVED the visuals. The set up, the location, the theme, the gifts, the meditation, chanting, sharing. It has been the best choice I made in my life by taking Amanda’s course and getting inspired and empowered by her, by her way of teaching, and by the entire Feng Sui subject. If I had a million dollars, I’d easily spend it on this course again. The value Amanda offers is tremendous! Warmest Regards,
Elmira, Graduate
I am forever changed and forever grateful. Besting thing I’ve done for myself in a while. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I think the thoroughness and clarity, patience, and overall good energy and kindness of Amanda are Awesome. I loved the meditations.
Christina, Graduate
This class was beyond my expectations. I have had many years of studying Feng Shui. However, this class brought it all together in the most beautiful way. As much as I have read – it did not compare to actually doing at a home – a consult! And I learned a lot of things about clearing I did not know in the past. The workbook is terrific. The others that assisted were knowledgeable, helpful and sweet. Thumbs up! I enjoyed every minute!. I did not want the class to end. It just brought joy to my heart to know that I can go out into the world and make a positive difference. Love Amanda’s style!
Gaylene Collins, Graduate
Amazing course, great & valuable information. LOVED the preparation of tools to start our own business and supplies.
Laurel, Graduate
What did you find helpful – I could connect and relate to Amanda’s stories and experiences. Her human interaction, her energy, emotions, her way of being and teaching are magnificent. And the book had everything Amanda has said and hasn’t said/shared.
Elmira, Graduate
The way subject content was broken up was helpful (so as to not be overwhelmed by spending too much time on one particular theme). Kept my interest at its peak and helped my brain to rest from more complicated parts. I loved the amount of such precious and sacred information shared.
Maya, Graduate
I think your teaching style is awesome. You took the time to explain everything I ask you!
Denise Lynn, Graduate
Amanda is a ray of strong sunlight bursting through the clouds of clutter and disarray that most of us live with. Her personality is so positive, so high-energy, that she inspires everyone to take action. Equally important, her skills at blending the ancient ways of feng shui with modern design concepts can turn homes and workplaces into serene, productive, beautiful - and joyful - places “to be.” Even if your home or office seems “totally together,” she can suggest ways of rearranging the space and adding certain key elements that have an amazing affect on your energy levels and well-being.
Peter Jensen, Marketing Director, Rancho La Puerta Fitness Resort
As an Acupuncturist in training, something really "clicked" for me when Amanda compared Feng Shui to the human body. She told me, "similarly to the way you become conscious of the things you put in your body to bring balance, strength, love, harmony, etc, in Feng Shui we do the same with your environment." It hit me like a brick in the forehead. Many of the things in my studio were "functional" but not things that I really "loved" or "felt good" to me. After Amanda's consultation, I eagerly began making the tiny changes here and there. Like all life giving exercises, the tiny changes created a massive wave of transformation in my life. Not only did I see immediate results in my Abundance, but also in my Love life! Amanda is an Old Soul who passionately shares many lifetimes of her healing light and touch with us once again. Thank you Amanda!
Haunani Chong, Transformational Leader & Conscious Entrepreneur
Monday morning Amanda Collins came to my apartment. She went so far beyond my expectations in balancing my home. Listening is a wonderful quality and she asked me great questions about my son, my life and goals. She made suggestions for improving areas of my life I want to strengthen and change, in addition to clearing and blessing our new space. She also gave me the research she did prior to our meeting. Within the next 24hours I found two round trip airline tickets for $100 dollars total. I believe Feng Shui is making it possible for my son and I to travel and have more abundance. Thank you Amanda!
Stephanie West, San Diego, Marketing Executive
Amanda is wonderful! So loving and kind and talented. Implementing her suggestions resulted in such a positive, nice shift in the energy of my home. I recommend her and her services most highly!
Jeanette E. Lee, Graduate
My husband and I were trying to move our lives in a different yet positive direction and we were also trying to conceive our first child, to no avail, so everything felt stagnant. I thought I'd try something new for our seventh year anniversary gift, my husband was not very impressed with this whimsical "waste of time" to Feng Shui. However I ignored him and followed my intuition... enter Amanda, the lovely gentle wind of change— with a soft warmth that emanated from her very soul. Amanda was professional, confident and very knowledgeable about her craft. My husband very skeptical soon became enthralled and 2 months later we were pregnant. We all need a gentle breeze.
Coral & Dillon Hilbig, Graduate


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