New Year of the Wood Snake: A Feng Shui Guide to 2025

with Amanda Sophia

Year of the Snake
Year of the Snake

Discover how the energies, flying stars, and remedies will change from the Wood Dragon to the Wood Snake. Prepare your personal and professional life, home, and spaces for the ultimate successful year in 2025!

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Do you long to provide your clients with success in 2025, Year of the Wood Snake?

The intention of the Snake class is to equip you with all the materials and information needed to support your family, home, and clients through these energetic transitions.

For your clients, the Snake’s energy offers a pathway to success by fostering deep intuition and strategic thinking. It guides them to release things that no longer serve them, helping them embrace new opportunities with clarity and purpose. By understanding the flying stars and the Snake’s transformative power, you can create environments that support their growth, renewal, and ultimate success.

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Why invest the time?

  • Do you want the key to success in 2025?
  • Are you longing for a transformation in your career?
  • Do you want to understand the transformative energies of the next year?
  • Do your clients want to meet and exceed their business goals?


In this course, you will receive valuable resources, guidance and a LIVE class delicately designed to improve your home, life and business. You will receive powerful Feng Shui & Astrology guidance for the Year of the Snake to transform the energy in your environment, igniting your manifestations in 2025.

If you feel restless or you want to understand the shifts about to happen, this course is for you. You could unlock the mysteries and be fully prepared for the new year!

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Your sacred journey begins


This class is suitable for those who have started their Feng Shui Journey and have a basic understanding of Flying Stars. As some of the materials of this course will be complex and difficult to understand for those who have no Feng Shui experience: we invite you to sign up for Feng Shui Your Life if you long to have a deeper understanding. This is a form of continued education for people who understand and have practised Feng Shui.

Wouldn’t it be magical to start the new year knowing what to expect in 2025, setting yourself and your clients up for success?

Year of the Tiger 2022 - Plan Your Future

We equip you with the tools to achieve greatness in 2025

Our Feng Shui for the Year of the Wood Snake Class goes over everything you can expect in 2025. We review Feng Shui 2025 predictions for each aspect of your life: love, wealth, health, relationships, family, career, and more.

We also share with you all the Feng Shui cures and enhancements needed in each area of your home, as well as where to place Salt Water Cures, and all additional 2025 Feng Shui elemental balances for your home according to the Flying Stars. We also guide you on which areas to avoid remodeling or disturbing, and which remedies might be needed here to offset any harsh energies.

Angie Mueller

Angie Mueller

The class was well put together, very informative, and easy to understand. Thank you so very much Amanda you are truly an amazing human being!

Patricia Sweeting

Patricia Sweeting

Amanda’s yearly Flying Stars class is a must to empower yourself for the upcoming year. The most important part for me is which guas on the property are available for gardening and/or construction. I don’t know what I’d do without it.

Jennifer Stevens

Jennifer Stevens

I definitely made the right choice! She is an amazing teacher with so much knowledge and continues to support you long after the class is over.

Welcome Beloved

I’m Amanda!

You might have heard of me from a trusted source, a friend or family member, or perhaps you discovered my podcast, blogs, or other content. Whatever brought you here, I’m grateful that our paths have crossed. You’ve just entered a safe space. Wherever you are on your soul journey, you will not be judged here; you are accepted and embraced with love.

If you’re interested in living an abundant, successful, and balanced life, I have the best news for you. That’s what we do here! In this course, we go on a transformational soul journey so you can easily attract the life, love, and wealth you deserve. You have a birthright to abundance and I’ll be honored to take this journey with you.

To take this course you don’t need advanced experience in Feng Shui, nor have any particular spiritual beliefs. You will be fully supported and guided on how you can upgrade all areas of your life.

My hope for your 2025 is to shed all the layers and obstacles that are holding you back from all the abundance carried in your birthright. We often carry immense traumas, whether ancestral, past-life, childhood, or tragedies we encountered in our adulthood; may this be a time to release all the illusions, fears, and negative energy. I invite you to step into your truest form, knowing your divinity and light. Let’s rise up together in 2025 to cultivate an environment that emanates harmony and peace, and to experience connection, collaboration, and community on a new level.


Love, Amanda

Amanda Sophia

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What does the Snake Energy mean?

We’re moving from one Wood year to another Wood year, and the results are similar in transformative energy but the year of the Snake goes into a completely different level of depth… Let’s take a look at how this will affect us.

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Year of the Wood 2024

What is the significance of the Year of the Snake?

The Serpent Energy

The Snake is the ultimate symbol of transformation, representing a time to shed skins of illusions and fears. This energy allows us to keep shedding parts of ourselves and opening up new layers of our souls. The snake’s ability to coil into spirals, and to bite its own tail, are both symbols of immortality.

The Snake also represents wisdom, and intelligence and invites you to make intuition-based decisions. These decisions and changes will come from an aligned space between the mind, body and soul. The Year of the Snake calls you to open to psychic awareness, to sense the vibrations of your environment, and then use that insight to move forward on your path. The Snake is intimately connected to Mother Earth, reminding you to remain grounded and centered. This will evoke a stronger connection between ourselves, others, and the land.

Serpent energy invites vitality, healing, wisdom, intelligence, power, and a heightened spiritual awareness gained by embracing transitions openly. 2025 will contain major spiritual growth, as we move into this Golden Age, the Age of Aquarius, we will enter a higher level of consciousness. It’s all about transcending, ascending, and merging further with the rebirth of Period 9. During this year, we really want to dedicate time to what is most important, honoring our sense of belonging and bringing in balance throughout all areas of our lives.

What is the energetic difference between 2024 and 2025?

A Continuation of Change and Transformation

It’s a continuation of the energy between the Wood Dragon and the Wood Snake. In 2024 we experienced the Wood Dragon breathing the Fire of Period 9, now in 2025 we will embrace the Wood Snake, an animal that symbolises Fire. Both are symbolic of transformation between Heaven and Earth. 

If you connected deeply with the dragon realm and energy whether the earth or celestial dragons, they’re energy will carry over in the continuation of 2025. In some ways, the Snake is more intensive on the internal work we need to do versus the expansive energy of the dragon we experienced in 2024. 

While 2024 brings a lot of change and transformation in both careers and relationships, the year of the Snake will entice more stability, groundedness and a rise in the frequency. The Snake will specifically urge you to remain in alignment by consistent soul-inquiry and spirit-check-ins.  

Coming into Year of the Snake we’ll have a 2 in the center – which in Period 9 is the health star (it used to be the sickness star in Period 8). For individuals who have 2 in their centers in the permanent number, it could bring great positive changes to all areas of their lives.

What is the significance of the Phoenix rising in Period 9
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Live Classes


New Year of the Wood Snake with Amanda Sophia
30th August 2024: 9am Los Angeles / 12pm New York / 5pm Dublin / 6pm Paris

Bazi Predictions for 2025 (TBA)

Yin Yang

How will this class benefit me?

This class is not the usual annual Feng Shui class, this is a class that will set your home, life AND business up for success in 2025! You deserve to enter 2025 with abundance, authenticity, and balance emanating from your business. This is your year to expand your Feng Shui business. This class will guide you through the preparations, balancing elements, and cures that will propel your growth in 2025.


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What if I can’t make the live session?

We understand life gets busy, and you may not have been able to attend the live sessions. We have recorded these sessions and they are already available on the portal.

Sarah Wergin

Sarah Wergin

I look forward to Amanda’s New Year class every year, her knowledge, wisdom, and loving presence is a gift. I recommend every course she teaches, she is a light in the world.

Melanie Mondini

Melanie Mondini

Truly transformative and highly recommended to all who love their homes and wish to bring FS into their lives and the lives of others. 

Sheena Gallagher

Sheena Gallagher

I love the yearly Feng Shui class. It helps me get grounded, focused, and ready for the year ahead and how to align with the coming flying star energy. 10/10

I’m ready for a thriving & abundant 2025

An Inner Metamorphosis Through the Snake

The Year of the Snake teaches us profound self-improvement, encouraging growth from within and expanding our consciousness. It reminds us that becoming a better version of ourselves allows for greater flexibility, shedding rigidity and embracing transformation. This year embodies a calm, knowing energy, showing us that change fosters growth and makes us better people. Enabling us as empaths and lightworkers to strive for expansion within our collective consciousness.

The snake constantly sheds its skin, symbolizing rebirth and wisdom. It invites a planetary awakening and a Kundalini awakening within us all. The snake, with its intelligence and deep intuition, guides us to release illusions, old patterns, and anything no longer serving us. In its strategic stillness, the snake teaches us to observe, release, and renew.

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Commune with the Goddesses…

Goddess Lilith Amanda Sophia

Goddess Lillith

Goddess Lilith, the serpent goddess, evokes the power of raw, untamed feminine energy and deep inner wisdom. She invites us to embrace our primal instincts and reclaim our sovereignty and autonomy. Through her, we are called to confront our shadows and awaken to our fullest potential, embodying fierce independence and profound transformation.

Goddess Corra

Goddess Corra

She beckons the serpents of life, death, and rebirth. She invites you to honor your place as a child of the Earth, to see the beauty of the Mother. She invites the transformative nature of life as you move through its cycles from birth to death to rebirth.

Goddess Isis

Goddess Isis

As the Egyptian Goddess of magic, she invites healing, restoration, and rebirth. She is the queen, the Mother, and she holds profound power over both celestial and earthly realms, embodying femininity, beauty, and profound wisdom. She beckons us to heal within, and reflect deeper to nurture our souls through our inner magic.

Goddess Airmid of the Snakes

Goddess Airmid

She works with the serpent energy of transformation. She teaches you how to transmute the lower energies and vibrations around you, how to raise these vibrations for healing. She opens your throat and voice chakra, and guides you to live in your truth. 

What’s included in the Snake Class?

We’re happy you asked. This class and all the resources provided will guide you into all the necessary preparations to propel you and your clients into a thriving, magical, and energetically balanced home and life in 2025. 

For only $189, you get:

LIVE Webinar with Feng Shui Predictions for 2025 with Amanda Sophia:
30th August 2024: 9am Los Angeles / 12pm New York / 5pm Dublin / 6pm Paris

Including step-by-step instructions on cures and enhancements for your home (recorded).

2025 e-Book: Feng Shui Forecast for the Year of the Snake

Workbook with 12 Months of Flying Stars

How to create affirmations to soar in 2025

Audio Download MP3 of what to expect in 2025

Financial, relationship, and health forecast based on the Chinese Horoscope for the 2025 Year of the Snake

Feng Shui Foundations:

The Five Elements | The Three Cycles | The Trigrams | Floor Plans and Dividing floor plans | How to Lay the Pie Chart over a Floor Plan

Feng Shui Self-Help

How to raise the Vibration in your home | Creating a Vision Board

The Forgiveness Toolkit: Equipping Yourself for Alignment

Including practices, meditation, exercises, and preparation to release pain and forgive, to step into the ultimate cosmic alignment.

The Boundaries Blueprint:

Including a guide, intuitive practices, meditation and self-love practices to allow you a full blueprint of healthy boundaries, and how to prepare for, impliment and sustain them.

Meditations and Pranayama

The Bonuses:

How to Shed Your Skin
Transformation Meditation
Awakening the Serpent Energy within You
Integration into the Serpent Energy

This class, and the additional resources provided, will give you all the tools you need to serve your clients successfully in 2025!

When is the Live Class?

The Live class will soon be announced, and don’t forget that you’ll receive the recording in the materials – lifetime access guaranteed.

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What are the key takeaways from The Feng Shui Year of the Snake Class?

Join our live class or watch the recording to receive:

  • How to enhance your home according to the Year of the Snake
  • Feng Shui Predictions for the 2025 Year of the Snake
  • Feng Shui remedies & cures for an optimized 2025
  • Feng Shui Flying Stars for 2025
  • Feng Shui Printable Calendar for 2025
  • Astrology for 2025 with a Special Guest (TBA)

Amazing value

Single Payment


Brooke Reisigl

Brooke Reisiglm

After spending an extensive amount of time researching & comparing Feng Shui courses I decided on the International Feng Shui School. Amanda’s ability to share her wisdom, knowledge, & love is divine. I feel confident with the knowledge, experience, & community I now have. I am very pleased with my choice of school.

Gaylene Collins

Gaylene Collins

This class was beyond my expectations. It just brought joy to my heart to know that I can go out into the world and make a positive difference.

Kathleen Keelan

Kathleen Keelan

It was fascinating to discover the blend of science and intuition that goes into Feng Shui and Amanda is the very best person to learn from.