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The IFSS offers 2 Levels of Mastery

Whether you just want to learn the ancient art of Feng Shui to transform your personal space and life, or start a new career with a Certification in Feng Shui, you’re in the right place!
Classes Begin April 2019

Feng Shui Your Life

We work with your inner Feng Shui first: Self Love, Self Worth, Connection to Energy, your Intuition and Higher Self.


Start a New Career

Then you’ll bring Feng Shui into your home and experience its magic. You’ll embody it, believe it and share it with the world.


How Does it Feel When you Open the Doors to Your Space?

  • Do you feel “home”? Do you feel refreshed and energized? How about safe?
  • Do you feel uncomfortable? Hesitant to walk in? Blocked?
  • Your space is a reflection of what’s going on in your life. Your past, your health, your relationship and finance issues are all expressed in your home.
  • We spend up to 80% of our time indoors.
  • Science has proven that everything is made up of energy.
  • We can either exist in a place where energy is blocked and working against us or…
  • We can use Feng Shui to create a space that lifts us up and allows the flow of energy to carry us where we desire to go.


This is More than a Feng Shui Class

It’s a Transformative Soul Journey


Hi, I’m Amanda Collins!

I’m a Feng Shui Master with over 20 years of practice & teaching. I’ve run the International School of Feng Shui for over a decade as well as the Inner Circle of Feng Shui Membership Site. I’ve worked with notable clients such as Bloomingdales, Bank of America, Hewlett-Packard and Dreamworks and appeared in media outlets like Vogue, Yoga Journal, Spirit and Destiny, Irish Examiner, RTE Television in Ireland, Fox News and KSWB-TV. Most of my life has been spent studying wisdom traditions around the world and I’m also a certified Yoga teacher, Shaman and Celtic Priestess.

Here I am now to guide and empower YOU to be a Feng Shui expert yourself! I want you to share your light and feel confident in transforming your space and life. And if you feel called to take the Certification level and start a new career path, I will share with you my years of wisdom as a successful Feng Shui consultant.

As a working mom, I understand how we can forego self-care and forget self-love in the midst of a big project, basketful of muddy laundry or life crisis. I also know we can reclaim our joy every day and that’s what I’ll show you in this course.

Your Space is a Reflection of What’s Going on in Your Life

Here’s the process you’ll be guided through:


Classical Feng Shui Blueprints

Classical Feng Shui is the original authentic form of Feng Shui. Each home has a unique energy blue print. By using time tested mathematical calculations and formulas, you will learn how to remove negative energy from your home. Classical Feng Shui shows us how to bring in each of the 5 elements, how to use the 8 trigrams, and the concept of Yin and Yang, all to help bring balance and increase prosperity.


Personalised Optimal Flow

Learn your Feng Shui element based on your birthday and be able to position furniture in a way that allows energy to circulate in the best way for your own comfort & prosperity.


Clear Out Clutter

Clutter creates stuck energy and blocks the flow of not only the energy in your home but what goes on in your life. If your home is cluttered, your mind is cluttered.


Identify What’s ‘Broken

Maybe you want to move in flow but clocks are broken, you want to save money but your faucets are leaking, you want more energy but your light bulbs are burnt out. Let’s fix it.


Cleanse The Energy

We’ll use tools like sound, vibration, saging, chanting and other ancient tools to clean out the energy of your past, the past of the space and your current items.

The Art of Feng Shui is not a Religion

Anyone can use it to their advantage

You can choose to become a Certified Feng Shui Consultant or you can incorporate it into your current vocation such as home staging, interior design or redesign, professional organizer, real estate, building and construction, architecture, and many other fields, such as the education, medical or healing field.


Feng Shui Your Life

Here’s What You’ll Learn in the First Level of Mastery:


This program is for you if you just want to learn about your space and classical Feng Shui. It’s a prerequisite to earning your Certification from the International Feng Shui School. Feng Shui your Life course is over 4 weeks. However you have a lifetime access to all the materials.



  • You’ll be able to read your space and see your own reflection
  • You’ll receive your personalised floor plan for optimal energy flow
  • You’ll learn how to read, feel and cleanse energy


What We Will Explore & Accomplish in Each Module:

Module 1

Awakened Life, Awakened Home
You’ll open up your intuition, connect with your inner magic and learn how to ground and protect your energy.

Module 2

Feng Shui Foundations
You’ll learn the history & schools of Feng Shui, the 5 Elements in Chinese medicine, the importance of the Yin and Yang and create your own personal Trigram.

Module 3

The Elements of Your Home
You’ll learn Classical Feng Shui & discover your home’s intrinsic energy based on its birth as well as remedying different house types.

Module 4

The Internal Energy of Your Home
You’ll learn about every room in your home & how to divide floor plans for optimal energy flow and balance.

Module 5

Intentional Creation
You’ll learn how to use Feng Shui with intention to create what you desire. We’ll unload what’s no longer serving you by dealing with clutter and allow in the new with learning about color.

Module 6

Raising the Vibe
You’ll be taught rituals & practices for self love & be able to raise your vibration as well as your home’s so you can attract what you are seeking.

Module 7

Remedying Your Landscape
You’ll learn about Forum Feng Shui which is all about the land your home is on and its position as well as how to create a powerhouse of a garden – reconnect you in nature as garden Feng Shui.

Module 8

Clearing & Cleansing Energy
You’ll learn how to clear your space using a number of tools easily available. You’ll be able to feel energy and work with it for your highest good.



International Feng Shui School Alumni


Bryce Kennedy

Feng Shui Expert

“I took the course to enhance my energy transformation business.Little did I know it would be this school that would transform me. It is rare that I find something so profound, so beautiful that it literally knocks me on my butt and makes me rethink my entire life. That is what Amanda does. That is what this school is meant for.”

Paul K Alexander

Licensed Acupuncturist

“When you spend time with someone whose energetic vibration is as strong and pure as Amanda’s, your own vibration begins to shift. I experienced a personal healing and transformation as a result of Amanda’s teaching and presence. I am forever grateful.“

Marie Vickers

Feng Shui & Dowsing Expert

“Life Altering” is the word that I awoke to one morning during the training. And that beautifully describes what this experience has been for me.”

Patricia Lohan

Business Coach

“I am still on cloud nine from this magical journey! When Amanda first said how magical it would be I had no idea what she meant – NOW I DO!!! From the amazing relationships and bonding that happened. It will be a trip that I personally will never forget! and forever changed.”

Ready to Make Money & Change Lives as a Feng Shui Consultant?


Feng Shui Master Certification

Here’s What You’ll Learn at the Certification Level:


You can have a new and rewarding career working as a Professional Feng Shui Consultant either online or in person. You do not need to go back to school for 4-6 years. Once you take Feng Shui Your Life, you can complete this section to earn your certification in just 4 additional weeks. You’ll be certified by one of the world’s leading schools! You’ll have access to Amanda’s online video and audio classes, the Feng Shui Mastery Manual plus you’ll get all the files you need to start your business, like client questionnaires, feedback forms, report templates and more.



  • How to work with businesses & corporations
  • How to attract clients, hold space for them and feel energy
  • The exact language to use when working with clients
  • How to do virtual Feng Shui readings, consultations & clearingss
  • All the business secrets to have a successful practice
  • Feng Shui for real estate & home buying


What We Will Explore & Accomplish in Each Module:

Module 1

Feng Shui for Businesses & Corporations
You’ll learn how to do a consultation and Feng Shui businesses and corporations.

Module 2

Performing Consultations
You’ll learn step by step how to perform the Feng Shui consultation & space clearing both in person & virtual.

Module 3

Real Estate & Home Building
You’ll learn how to sell a home, purchase the right home, & build from the ground up.

Module 4

Your Feng Shui Business
You’ll learn how to start your practice & get the confidence to interact with your first clients.

Module 5

Holding Space
You’ll learn how to support your clients while protecting your energy. And the language to use with your clients.

Module 6

Earning Money
You’ll learn how to attract aligned clients, how to charge for your work and how to talk about your work.

Module 7

Leading the Way
You’ll learn to lead clients through meditations and be prepared to lead Feng Shui workshops and Feng Shui events.

Module 8

Case Studies: Practice
You’ll be challenged with case studies to implement what you’ve learned to earn your official certification.



International Feng Shui School Alumni


Laura Plumb

Ayurvedist & Yoga Teacher

“The suggestions and information Amanda gave us helped bring balance and understanding to our relationships, added harmony to our home, and greater joy and inspiration to our environments. She is a pleasure to work with, thoughtful and efficient. We are so grateful for her gifts and thank her with love.”

Sarah Wergin

Acupuncturist & Registered Nurse

“Amanda’s wisdom, practicality and expertise made it possible for me to start a practice of my own. I recommend this to anybody who wants to be more in tune with their own life or help others.“

Ken Mahon

Life & Motivational Coach

“Doing the course has brought home to me how important our physical surroundings are to our emotional health and well-being. One cannot work on our inner problems without being supported by our physical surroundings, especially in the home.”

Fiona O’Neill

Vocalist for the Women of Ireland

“Since opening up to the ancient knowledge of Feng Shui, I’m starting to connect the dots in other areas of my life. Not only has it benefited me, I’m seeing a positive difference in the people whose houses I’m Feng Shuing also. Thank you amazing Amanda!”


The International Feng Shui School Global Community

You’ll be part of a very interactive community of past and current students. Amanda is hanging out in the group with answers to your questions too!

Here’s My Promise to You!

I won’t bore you with complex lessons and mumbo jumbo, I’ve created easy to understand lessons and guidance for you to really embody Feng Shui.

I’ll bring you my 20+ years of working as a very successful Feng Shui consultant and really put my all into helping you thrive in your new business. Since I’ve done it myself, you’ve got my marketing, client interaction and sales experience too!

My goal is to illuminate you! I want you to share your light and gifts and allow that to permeate through the planet and the Universe.

Remember, Your Home is Your Sacred Place

When the home is set up in a way where energy can’t flow, it can be causing health issues, relationship issues and financial problems! Feng Shui is like Yoga or Acupuncture for the home. Everything can be remedied. Even the smallest tweaks will have an impact, as soon as you get started. Once changes are made, this is when I’ve seen pregnancy happen, soul mates appear, new job opportunities arise and so much more. Imagine not only being able to do this for yourself, but for others as well.


Feng Shui Mastery

You Deserve a Space that Supports You, a Space That Allows You to Thrive!

Classes Begin April 2019


Feng Shui Your Life Training


Learn the ancient art of Feng Shui to transform your personal space and life

  • Go at your own pace On-Demand Training Videos to Feng Shui Your Life and transform yourself & your home
  • Meditations, Rituals, Audios
  • Amanda’s 400-page Downloadable Feng Shui Manual!
  • Exercises for each module to step into your greatest self
  • Review Quizzes to help you retain what you’ve learned
  • Lifetime access to the program training videos
  • Personal Support from Amanda in the Private Facebook Group and Private Forum on IFSS




Feng Shui Certification Training


Start a new rewarding career you love with a Certification in Feng Shui

  • Everything in Feng Shui Your Life Training PLUS more training on how to work as a successful Professional Feng Shui Consultant
  • You’ll complete 3 Case Studies to earn the certification and get personalised feedback
  • All the files you need to start your business
  • Listing as a Certified Feng Shui Consultant on the International Feng Shui School website
  • Lifetime access to the program training videos




At anytime you can upgrade from the Feng Shui Your Life to the Feng Shui Master Certification


Frequently Asked Questions


  • How is this program delivered & how long does it take to complete?

    This course is to be taken online. You’ll have lifetime access to lessons in the form of audios, videos, meditations, as well as workbooks, quizzes and handouts. Amanda Collins will be instructing all your lessons. Feng Shui Your Life is go at your own pace and can be completed in 4 weeks. The master certification can be completed in an additional 4 weeks.
  • When are the live classes?

    Dates for the Live classes:

    Feng Shui Master Certification takes all classes.
    Classes are 2 hours on Fridays 9am PST, 12PM Eastern, 5pm GMT.
    All classes will be recorded and available to watch at a later date.

    Feng Shui your Life:
    • April 5th
    • April 12th
    • April 19th
    • April 26th

    Feng Shui Master Certification specific classes:
    • May 3rd
    • May 10th
    • May 17th
    • May 24th

  • Tell me more about the International Feng Shui School)

    The International Feng Shui School is a Certified Gold Level School, having graduated several hundred incredible alumni around the world since 2003. The mission of the International Feng Shui School is to offer support and teachings to help raise the level of consciousness, person by person, and the vibration of the planet, home by home.

    We present our students with an integrated and balanced approach of the scientific, energetic, and intentional energies of Feng Shui. We prepare you to go out into the world to share your light, gifts, and purpose in a fulfilling and joyful way. We maintain a strong web-based and in-person community of like-minded students and teachers, where everyone supports each other in a loving and inspiring way.

    Ultimately, our training is a sacred, transformative journey for you, your home, and your life, allowing you to follow your potential for a rewarding, fulfilling career in the future.

  • How is this different from other Feng Shui programs?

    That this program is different than other ones as this one will not leave you confused. This complex Science will be broken down into simple steps. You will get all the tools they need to start a successful Feng Shui business. You will receive lots of great tools and charts to help them during the course and after.

    We prepare you to go out into the world to share your light, gifts, and purpose in a fulfilling and joyful way. We maintain a strong web-based and in-person community of like-minded students and teachers, where everyone supports each other in a loving and inspiring way. Ultimately, our training is a sacred, transformative journey for you, your home, and your life, allowing you to follow your potential for a rewarding, fulfilling career in the future.

  • Will I have access to Amanda for questions?


    Providing the necessary support for our graduates and students to share their newly learned wisdom and gifts all throughout the world remains paramount to everything that we do here at the International Feng Shui School. In our minds, the more homes and lives that our graduates and students are able to bring into alignment, the closer we are coming to fully realizing our potential for world peace. We provide 24/7 support through our online platform. We monitor and answer all of your questions around the clock and we have an incredible community. Our Feng Shui family regularly share information and communicate with each other to answer questions, provide resources, and share success stories.

    The International Feng Shui School offers an informal Feng Shui mentoring program where students can work along with the instructors and experienced program graduates on consultations. We also offer online support and monthly gatherings for case studies and additional training. Our Feng Shui Teachers offer group and one-on-one Feng Shui Mentoring.

    The Inner Circle of Feng Shui provides continuous ongoing mentoring through its continuing education and Feng Shui business classes, starting at just $24.99 per month.

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