Affirmations / 10 Audios


This package contains Affirmations for each of the 9 areas of the Feng Shui Bagua. Affirmations are positive statements spoken in present tense that can shift your subconscious mind to help you develop a more positive perception of yourself. 

It's like writing a letter straight to the universe for you to open fully into your greatest self. They are also a wonderful opportunity for you to become clear on what you want in life. Say these Affirmations daily to heal your life and change your whole world.

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This 10 Audios Pack contains the following Affirmations:
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00. Affirmations Introduction
01. Career & Life’s Journey / North Location
02. Love & Relationships / Southwest Location
03. Family & Community / East Location
04. Wealth & Abundance / Southeast Location
05. Health Unity & Self Love / Center Location
06. Travel & Helpful People / Northwest Location
07. Children, Creativity, Fertility & New Beginnings / West Location
08. Knowledge & Self Cultivation, Intuition, Inner Knowing / Northeast Location
09. How You Share Your Light with the World, Reputation, Fame & Recognition / South Location

Demo Duration: 30 seconds
Format: mp3


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