Diana A, San Diego

I had been looking for a San Diego-based Feng Shui Master teacher and course to enhance various Feng Shui studies begun in 2000. I attended two lectures by Amanda By the quality of her lecture and handouts and our general rapport, I enrolled in and graduated from the San Diego School of Feng Shui June 2009 course. First, as a result of knowledge gained, I was able to uplift my own home and life, in short, by implementing ALL Classical remedies, including strengthening my element of Water in a marriage relationship and home that was Wood based. Amanda assisted me with a thorough space clearing; one major Water enhancement was placing a large metal fountain in the backyard. Within a few months, I had improved health, a rather complicated financial issue was resolved in our favor, and I concluded to make a career change to Feng Shui consulting after many years in retail business and also corporate America. In brief: Advanced Feng Shui studies and association with Amanda Collins/San Diego School of Feng Shui made for great progress in the areas of relationship, physical, and financial well being and career. I have recently begun serving others via my Feng Shui practice; it is extremely rewarding to see progress in my life and the lives of others thru applying skills learned from Amanda Collins and the International Feng Shui School.

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