Haunani Chong

As an Acupuncturist in training, something really “clicked” for me when Amanda compared Feng Shui to the human body. She told me, “similarly to the way you become conscious of the things you put in your body to bring balance, strength, love, harmony, etc, in Feng Shui we do the same with your environment.” It hit me like a brick in the forehead. Many of the things in my studio were “functional” but not things that I really “loved” or “felt good” to me. After Amanda’s consultation, I eagerly began making the tiny changes here and there. Like all life giving exercises, the tiny changes created a massive wave of transformation in my life. Not only did I see immediate results in my Abundance, but also in my Love life! Amanda is an Old Soul who passionately shares many lifetimes of her healing light and touch with us once again. Thank you Amanda!

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