I pretty much loved everything about the class. The camaraderie was really nice and I really loved the music, the dancing, and the chanting in which you so enthuasically took part in. It inspired even the shyest of students (which obviously wasn’t me) LOL the Goddess/ Angel cards etc. were a really nice touch- especially if you were not use to doing this sort of thing. I found that the cards I picked were always pertinent to my day for some reason- very interesting to say the least; I enjoyed learning about all the “tools”.

You introduced us to from the compass, to cleansing salts, space clearing techniques using bells, chimes etc. I loved all the fresh air you allowed us to have each day, the field trips. I truly enjoyed everything you had to share…your experiences, words of wisdom, and your graciousness and heart. Great job on allowing for students differences. You certainly bring out the best in all your students.

You are a great teacher and have so much to share with this universe. WOW! Thank you for taking us under your wing. You are an inspiration to all women for your inner beauty, and desire to make this world better. I truly appreciate all the time and energy you put into this class. You are loved,

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