Sarah O Connell, Sligo Ireland

The International Feng Shui School is outstanding among the large number of feng shui training schools in existence today. Built on the principles of classical feng shui and lead by a feng shui beacon of light, Amanda Collins, it provides rich soil for those students seeking to grow their feng shui knowledge and experience. It is a privilege to take a training course with this school, because not only will you be lavished with the accumulation of wisdom and knowledge that comprises their training course, you also become competent in the practical side of classical feng shui AND have lots of fun along the way!! When you finish your training, the International Feng Shui School then invites you into a support network where its most experienced consultants are available to help provide solutions to the feng shui questions that its graduate students find along their own paths. I recommend the International Feng Shui School without hesitation.

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