Theresa DeMarco

Amanda Collins came to my home and did a Feng Shui consultation. She gave me very practical suggestions, simple changes to make and did an energy clearing. I followed her suggestions and have to say the difference has been life changing. My house feels like a home and my life feels like its moving in the right direction. My friends noticed the change in my home and in me! The amazing thing to me was I still have the same furniture and most of the same accents. I followed her instructions on how to lay things out, what elements to add and what take away… and did it all with intention. This went so well, we moved on to Feng Shui the office I work in. Our company has since felt a big increase in activity, interest and sales of our product! It helped bring us together as a group. Thanks Amanda!

After experiencing the amazing effects of Feng Shui I decided I must take Amanda’s San Diego School of Feng Shui Master Training in May 2010 and have to say I am really glad I did! Amanda has an incredible wealth of knowledge to share. She is very pleasant, fun, and easy to learn from. Her class gave me all the tools I need to start my own Feng Shui business. This training brings together many of the aspects that relate to Feng Shui and shows how to make practical application. It gives her students the tools they need to help people make meaningful and positive change. She also provides continued learning opportunities and support for her students. I would love to take another one of her classes!

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