Do you have a deep desire to transform your life, career, and relationships?

Learn how to harness the ancient power of Feng Shui to live a life of abundance and joy. Feng Shui training is for everyone, including those that want to make it a new and exciting career.

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Amanda Sophia - Feng Shui Mastery Online Course
The mission of the International Feng Shui School is to offer support and teachings to help raise the level of consciousness, person by person, and the vibration of the planet, home by home.

5 Courses

1000+ hours of training in Feng Shui, Priestess, Geomancy & Land Healing.

Member of IFSG

As a Gold Level School with the IFSG you can trust the quality of our training.

Global Community

Our students come from all walks of life from 30+ countries and counting.

1000+ Students

We’ve trained more than 1000 Feng Shui consultants around the world.

New Year of the Wood Snake: A Feng Shui Guide to 2025

with Amanda Sophia

Feng Shui Certification In Person training
Discover how the energies, flying stars, and remedies will change from the Wood Dragon to the Wood Snake. Prepare your personal and professional life, home, and spaces for the ultimate successful year in 2025!

In this course, you will receive valuable resources, guidance and a LIVE class delicately designed to improve your home, life and business. You will receive powerful Feng Shui & Astrology guidance for the Year of the Snake to transform the energy in your environment, igniting your manifestations in 2025.

Social Image In person Feng Shui Training

Join Nicole Seidlitz from the International Feng Shui School in San Diego for a 6-day intensive certification. Learn the art of harmonizing spaces, enhancing energy flow, and creating balance in your environment. This hands-on training will equip you with the knowledge and skills to become a certified Feng Shui consultant. Don’t miss this opportunity to deepen your understanding and transform spaces with ancient wisdom!

This is an opportunity to start a career you will love as you transform your life and those of others through Feng Shui. This training will be held for 6 consecutive days from October 14th – October 19th, 2024.

A testimonial from a happy student
Amanda’s online courses provided some of the best quality instruction I have ever received (and I have two Master’s degrees!). Not only was the subject matter taught in an extremely thorough, comprehensive, accessible way, but the technical quality of her online platforms and offerings was literally top-notch!


Allison Lindblom
A testimonial from a happy student
The breadth and depth of materials and topics covered were so thorough and enriching. The way the course is organized makes it so fun to learn and such a joy to experience. I feel so prepared with so many tools in my toolbox to help my clients improve their lives through Feng Shui. I can not recommend this course enough.


feng shui mastery international feng shui school with amanda collins testimonials bryce kennedy
A testimonial from a happy student
I took the course to enhance my energy transformation business. Little did I know it would be this school that would transform me. It is rare that I find something so profound, so beautiful that it literally knocks me on my butt and makes me rethink my entire life. That is what Amanda does. That is what this school is meant for.


Begin Your Transformative Journey Today

Since 2003 The International Feng Shui School has been training students to discover and implement the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui. When you join one of our training programs, you will learn the techniques, skills, and knowledge of Feng Shui to apply to your life and offer your services as a Feng Shui consultant.

Inside our online courses, Feng Shui Your Life and Feng Shui Master Certification, you will discover:

  • Underlying Feng Shui theories to build a solid foundation of understanding and unite ancient teachings.
  • Cutting-edge science and experienced spiritual guidance to create life-changing results.
  • Transformative practices to elevate your level of consciousness and energy in your home.
  • The profound ability to analyze a home or business’s specific “energy blueprint” reveals its past, present, and future potential.

The Geomancy and Land Healing Certification Course will guide you in connecting to your inner power, how to truly open up your intuition, harness your healing abilities, and master techniques to clear and heal the land and yourself.

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 There are a lot of Feng Shui courses out there. Why should I choose the International Feng Shui School?

Amanda Sophia brings more than 20 years of Feng Shui expertise to the table and has provided her consultation services to high-caliber clients such as Bloomingdales, Bank of America, Hewlett-Packard, and Dreamworks.

Her inspiration for founding the International Feng Shui School was to provide a holistic approach she felt was missing in her experiences with Feng Shui training. The courses Amanda had taken were incredibly valuable but primarily focused on the science of Feng Shui. Her goal became to help other Feng Shui students connect with Feng Shui on a spiritual and emotional level as well. It wasn’t enough to know Feng Shui best practices; Amanda wanted to help people connect to themselves, their homes, and communities. Only then, did Feng Shui have the most beautifully transformative impact on clients.

The International Feng Shui School was born and has been a sanctuary for students to gather, learn, and transform.

Amanda’s intimate understanding of the mind-body-spirit connection that she received in her training as a Reiki Healer, Yoga instructor, and Celtic Priestess helped guide her course development. She brings the ancient wisdom and practice of Classical Feng Shui to life with a spirit connection for modern-day application.

Ultimately, our training is a sacred, transformative journey for you, your home, and your life, allowing you to follow your potential for a rewarding, fulfilling career in the future. We present our students with an integrated and balanced approach to the scientific, energetic, and intentional energies of Feng Shui.

Your investment in the courses will equip you to go into the world and share your light, gifts, and purpose in a fulfilling and joyful way. The Feng Shui courses create a close-knit community of like-minded people to have ongoing support during your studies.

Please feel free to explore alumni testimonials.

Gold Level Program - International Feng Shui Guild
The International Feng Shui School is a Gold Level School with the International Feng Shui Guild.

The International Feng Shui Guild is the premier professional organization dedicated to Feng Shui.

Free Gatherings

Come join us

Divine Women Gatherings with Amanda Sophia

Divine Women Gatherings

Connect with your higher self, heal old wounds and awaken the Divine Woman within. This is a safe circle of sisters from around the globe, supporting each other through their soul journeys.

Feng Shui Monthly Gatherings

Feng Shui Gatherings

Create inner balance and harmony through tools, tips, and remedies designed to transform your home and life using Feng Shui. You’re welcomed into this supportive circle where we cultivate sustainable rituals for your daily practices.

Geomancy Gatherings with Amanda & Alex

Geomancy & Land Healing Gatherings

Deepen your connection with nature, learn to listen, read and heal the land with support from like-minded individuals who want to elevate their relationship with the earth and live by her seasons.

Meet the Founder of International Feng Shui School

Amanda Sophia - Feng Shui Master with over 20 years experience

Hi, I’m Amanda!

I’m a Feng Shui Master with more than 20 years of experience consulting and teaching. I founded the International School of Feng Shui over a decade ago and continue to oversee all aspects of our global business, including the Inner Circle of Feng Shui membership site. I’ve helped companies like Bloomingdales, Bank of America, Hewlett-Packard and Dreamworks improve employee morale, productivity and profits. I’ve consulted with thousands of individual clients, and taught many more. I’m delighted to see clients and students gain confidence, fulfilling work, happier relationships and greater prosperity. 

Trusted By
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Amanda thank you for coming to both our DreamWorks offices in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Thank you for working with all the staff and helping create offices that nourish and inspire. You have empowered us with the knowledge of how to create sacred serene space even in the midst of a stressful day. Since your visit we are all happier and more productive.

Staff Member at

Bryce Kennedy
I took the course to enhance my energy transformation business. Little did I know it would be this school that would transform me. It is rare that I find something so profound, so beautiful that it literally knocks me on my butt and makes me rethink my entire life. That is what Amanda does. That is what this school is meant for.

Bryce Kennedy – Feng Shui Expert

Are you ready to

Improve Your Self Worth
Improve Your Relationship
Gain Empowerment
Improve Your Home
Improve Your Finances
Feel More Fulfilled
Heal Old Wounds
Start a new business
Are your ready to improve your home and life?
How Feng Shui Works

How Feng Shui Works

Feng Shui is a traditional Chinese concept going back thousands of years, intended to harmonise your environment with the world around you. Many people believe that the practice is just about improving their living space. While this is part of the process, it’s not the purpose. Perfecting the art of Feng Shui will allow you to optimise the energy around you and experience improvements in your mood, your relationships, your health, your friends, your family, your work, and your life as a whole. We know that by practicing Feng Shui, you will see life-changing results. We invite you to embark on this meaningful journey.

Meghan Rogacki
The International Feng Shui school offers a top-notch education in Feng Shui. The online course was easy to navigate and the content is wonderful, I feel very prepared to begin working with clients! I was able to get all of my specific questions answered via the resources provided and have gotten great value out of the IFSS community. I recommend this course to anyone looking to further their knowledge of Feng Shui.

Meghan Rogacki

International Feng Shui School

Feng Shui is an In-Demand Career

Beloved, Feng Shui practitioners are unique because their services are beneficial to any residence or business.

Now more than ever, people seek guidance from Feng Shui practitioners to help bring them abundance and growth and give them a competitive edge. There are no limits to using a Feng Shui certification in your career!

Our Feng Shui students have had incredible success applying Feng Shui to their existing professions. Among them are, Architects, Interior Designers, Landscape Architects, Acupuncturists, and Yoga Instructors. That’s only mentioning a few of the numerous possibilities!

Beloved, we believe the best is yet to come for you.

Learn Feng Shui at Your Own Pace

start learning today

Feng Shui Your Life

Feng Shui Your Life

This training is perfect for you if:

  • You’re new to Feng Shui
  • Are eager to bring balance into your home, life, and career
  • Have a curiosity about ongoing spiritual and personal development
  • Wish to make a tangible difference in your life and the lives of those you care about
  • Feel as if you’re aimlessly wandering and want to experience fulfillment, joy, and peace


Feng Shui Master Certification

Feng Shui Master Certification

Enroll in the Feng Shui Master Certification if you:

  • Have experienced the transformational power of Feng Shui and want to share it with your community, integrate it into your current profession, or be a certified Feng Shui consultant
  • Are eagerly seeking a career that gives you a sense of purpose and fulfillment
  • Wish to be equipped with a step-by-step process of how to begin your Feng Shui practitioner business
  • Want to network with other Feng Shui consultants to soak in their wisdom and share your experiences in a supportive community


Sarah Wergen
Amanda’s wisdom, practicality and expertise made it possible for me to start a practice of my own. I recommend this to anybody who wants to be more in tune with their own life or help others.

Sarah Wergin – Acupuncturist & Registered Nurse

How can I use a Feng Shui Certification?

The short answer is–in any way you choose!

Bring Feng Shui remedies into your current work or begin a creative vocation as a Certified Feng Shui Consultant. Our graduates bring their experience to:

Interior Design
Real estate
Holistic medicine
Healing arts
Yoga instruction
Life Coaching

Are you curious about how others have applied their Feng Shui Master Certification?

Look through our IFSS Directory of alumni for inspiration!

Natalie Vail
“Through her class, you will learn not only how to improve your life through the ancient “magic” of Feng Shui, but you will also learn valuable information to help other people while making long-lasting friendships.”

Natalie Vail – Acupuncturist, Medium, and Herbalist

Take a look at all our offerings

Online and In-Person Feng Shui Training

Feng Shui School

Online Courses

Whether you are a spiritual novice or looking to enhance the depth of your spiritual knowledge, we have a course for you. From learning the basics to becoming a certified Feng Shui master and land healer, each of our courses are designed to improve your life in a way that you didn’t even realise was available.

Inner Circle Of Feng Shui Membership

Membership & Community

This is your chance to become a part of the life-changing Inner Circle of Feng Shui community! If you want to feel inspired, motivated, and supported on a daily basis this is your sacred space. This membership is open to everyone regardless of Feng Shui experience. Get access to over 10 years worth of training today.

Amanda Sophia In-Person Live Feng Shui Events


On each retreat, sacred journey, and live event we heal the inner, explore the outer and connect with ancestors to heal past trauma, bringing life to the present. A transformational voyage of the mind, body and soul that you do not want to miss!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long has the International Feng Shui School been operating?

We opened our doors to students worldwide in 2003. Since then, we have been honored to welcome students from all cultural and professional backgrounds. You may check out our International Feng Shui School Directory to see some of our graduates. Gather inspiration as you explore how each student has created their path with our high-level training.

Where are students learning from around the world?

The International Feng Shui School has a directory of graduates representing more than a dozen countries! You may see the complete directory here.

We have new alumni joining on a regular basis and would love to welcome you.

What Feng Shui perspective do you teach? (i.e., Traditional, BTB, Western or Form, Flying Stars, etc.)

Our Feng Shui courses are predominately based in Traditional/Classical Feng Shui practice, including Flying Stars, Form Feng Shui, and Eight Mansions. We teach our students about the “Energetic” with space clearing home and land blessing exercises and how to protect their energy. In addition, we incorporate Intentional Feng Shui and Compass Feng Shui training. Throughout each of our Feng Shui courses, we look to provide a complete body-mind-spirit environment training.

When I complete the Feng Shui program, will I be certified to practice Feng Shui?

Yes! Upon completing your training and three case studies with the International Feng Shui School, you will become a certified Feng Shui Consultant. You can begin practicing Feng Shui privately, helping transform your clients’ lives. Many of our alumnis have added Feng Shui Consultancy to their existing services as Acupuncturists, Interior Designers, Yoga Instructors, Architects, Real Estate Agents, etc.

Read more about how you can apply your certification in our “Day in the Life of a Feng Shui Consultant” blog series. Graduates share their success with the course and how they have implemented their certification to make a difference in the world.

How long does the Feng Shui Master Certification course last?

You will have immediate lifetime access to the course materials upon registering. The online Feng Shui Your Life course lasts for eight weeks. The Feng Shui Master Certification also lasts eight weeks, so many FSYL students continue to get their Master Certification.

You can also study both courses entirely at your own pace. The course has been formatted with busy people in mind.

Can I download an app so I can learn on the go?

Yes, many of our students learn while they’re going for a run, traveling, or making dinner! Our courses are hosted on the Kajabi platform. Learn more about the Kajabi app here and download it on GooglePlay or the AppStore.

Do you offer certifications in Feng Shui-related disciplines (i.e., Space Clearing, Interior Design, Reiki, Green Design, etc.)?

The International Feng Shui School teaches space clearing, land healing, and dowsing.

Our courses teach students to become more connected to energy by developing their understanding of how to feel, clear, and work with it. We perform daily meditation exercises, chanting, yoga, and chakra-based work throughout the training.

Additionally, Amanda offers a Geomancy and Land Healing Certificate course, advanced training that equips Feng Shui practitioners to perform land clearing for clients.

Are there additional fees (books, materials, supplies, off-site training, etc.)?

You’ll have all you need when you invest in the Feng Shui courses!

The true treasure is you will have lifetime access to all class material!

The only thing you will need to purchase is a compass.

The following are included in both of the Feng Shui courses:

  • 400-page manual
  • Four reference guides
  • Hours of video training
  • Exercises to step into your greatest self
  • Quizzes to help retain what you’ve learned
  • Meditations, rituals, breathwork, and more to heal and thrive
  • Connect with Amanda and our wonderful community in the private Facebook group

When you sign up for the Feng Shui Master Certification, you’ll also receive:

  • Additional training on how to prosper as a Certified Feng Shui Consultant
  • Personal feedback on three case studies you’ll complete for certification
  • Business tools to kick-start your Feng Shui consultancy business after receiving your certification (i.e., client contracts, questionnaires, etc.)
  • The opportunity to be listed as a Certified Feng Shui Consultant on the International Feng Shui School website

The Online training allows for the manual, charts, and all documents related to starting your own business to be downloaded at your convenience.

Will I receive support during the course?

We’re passionate about providing the necessary support for our alumni and students so they can share their newly learned wisdom and gifts.

The more homes and lives our alumni can bring into alignment, the closer we are to realizing our potential for world peace.

We provide 24/7 support through our online platform and will monitor and answer all of your questions around the clock.

Our Feng Shui family regularly shares information and communicates with each other to answer questions, provide resources, and share success stories. We will pair you with another student, known as your “Soul Supporter,” throughout the course. The two of you will cheer each other on, may choose to study together, and share the journey of learning Feng Shui. Students have created lifetime bonds through our courses.

See what alumni are saying about the support of our community:

“…An added bonus is the Facebook community, which is so welcoming and full of information.” – Shireen Cooper

“I have loved both the “Feng Shui your Life” and ” Feng Shui Master Certification” The course is comprehensive and thorough and I do feel confident going into the world as a consultant in this field. I find the Modules easy to navigate, the manual, so invaluable, and the videos very informative. The fortnightly live meetings are fabulous as it helps us to voice any concerns and the Facebook page. I will continue to be a part of it as it’s always great to chat with other students or practitioners.” -Gillian McIlwraith

Do you offer continued support after I complete the course(s)?

We love that you’re already thinking ahead!

Deepen your knowledge with continuing education and be inspired in your journey inside the Inner Circle of Feng Shui membership!

The ongoing support alone is well worth the $350 annual membership, but you will also be able to access:

  • Training videos on everything from Feng Shui for Bathrooms to The 4 Pillars of Astrology!
  • Learn valuable business tools like ‘How to Price your Feng Shui Services’ and ‘How to Align Yourself With the Right People’ (just to name a couple!)
  • Recorded interviews with Feng Shui experts
  • Live webinars

See what Inner Circle Members are saying:

“The Inner Circle of Feng Shui has helped me become a better Feng Shui practitioner through Amanda’s incredible webinars, courses, events, and online community chats. I don’t have enough words to describe how blessed I am to have trained with Amanda and being connected to this MUST HAVE Circle of Feng Shui community.” -Alexandra Bizer, Feng Shui Professional

Learn more about the Inner Circle of Feng Shui. 

Other than the Feng Shui Master Certification, are there different ways to learn about Feng Shui?

We offer an abundance of Feng Shui resources!

The Inner Circle of Feng Shui membership platform, with membership costing only $35/month.

Inside the Inner Circle, you will deepen your Feng Shui knowledge, learn more about different forms of space clearing, and work with the land.

Enjoy learning advanced energy-clearing tools in our Geomancy and Land Healing Certification.

Please check out our live events page here.

You may take individual short online classes in our shop. Choose from an extensive library of ongoing education!

We have a fantastic blog with enriching articles about Feng Shui and implementing ancient practices in everyday life.

Subscribe to The Amanda Sophia Podcast on iTunes, Google Podcasts, and Stitcher for in-depth discussions of Feng Shui tips to raise the vibration of your home, office, studio, and love life!

Amanda’s YouTube channel is a great place to learn how to create Feng Shui remedies to clear your home’s energy.

What are graduates of The International Feng Shui School saying about the courses?

We have years of student testimonials to share with you. Take a moment to read through them here. Notice which ones stand out to you and if a graduate has had the experience you wish for yourself.

May I sample Amanda’s teaching style? I’m hesitant to go all-in until I know I’ll connect with the instructor.

We have the perfect solution!

Sign up for free training, where you will get a chance to witness Amanda’s warm and welcoming teaching style.

Visit Amanda’s YouTube channel here to get more Feng Shui resources.

The International Feng Shui School also built our courses with the understanding that everyone learns differently. Students learn through audio, visual, and written materials.

Why should I enroll in a course when I can access Feng Shui tips for free on YouTube and everywhere else on the internet?

Beloved, there are some excellent Feng Shui resources on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and a simple Google search.

However, many of the free resources only scrape the surface of Classical Feng Shui. The practice is multi-faceted, with many benefits requiring a streamlined, chronological teaching method to implement fully.

Of course, having a general understanding and appreciation for Feng Shui is meaningful, but wouldn’t you want the maximum benefit and ability to apply Feng Shui to every aspect of your life?

Feng Shui Your Life invites students to step into the virtual classroom to learn the basics of Feng Shui, apply them to everyday life, and be transformed by the ancient practice in the modern-day world. It’s an opportunity to lean into your intuition and thrive in a balanced home and life.

The Feng Shui Master Certification is then a deep-dive into the many sects of Feng Shui, a more thorough understanding of energy clearing, and the immense privilege of making Feng Shui consultancy a career! Students earn their certification and are provided with the tools to build their Feng Shui business.

Our courses are meticulously written to enhance the ability to learn and live Feng Shui. Each module will take you more profound than the one before it. The immense value of the learning experience can’t be matched by the occasional free resource you may find elsewhere.

Read what students are saying about the value of our Feng Shui courses.

I don’t see my question listed here. May I speak with someone?

We would be happy to answer your question. Please complete the contact form and someone will be in touch shortly.

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Free mini feng shui course

Get access to the FREE Feng Shui Mini-course with nearly 5 hours of video content, downloadable material, and expert guidance to improve your home & life. Designed with easy instructions and practices to understand and implement remedies for the optimal energetic flow in your space and life!

Are you ready to take your first step to freedom, authenticity, clarity, and joy?