Feng Shui Master Certification

with Amanda Sophia

Are you ready for a purpose-filled career overflowing in abundance?

Start a new business as a Feng Shui consultant and experience financial freedom, flexible hours, rewarding results, and the ability to work from anywhere in the world! This holistic Feng Shui course weaves the spiritual in together with the technical know-how so you can thrive.

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Feng Shui Master Certification with Amanda Sophia

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Louise Curran Feng Shui

For anyone seeking an expert Feng Shui course that not only imparts wisdom but also nurtures personal growth and development, Amanda’s International Feng Shui School is the perfect choice.

Amanda’s mentorship is nothing short of transformative. Her dedication to sharing over two decades of Feng Shui expertise is matched only by the nurturing environment she creates for her students.

Louise Curran

Amanda has a serious gift for teaching, from the very scientific, mathematical, and formulaic, to the ethereal, intuitive, energy realm type of information.

The approach to Feng Shui that she teaches is very comprehensive and leaves you feeling confident to use the art and science of Feng Shui on your own home, business, and work with clients.

Jacqueline Jones

Jacqueline Jones
Allison Lindblom

I feel so prepared with so many tools in my toolbox to help my clients improve their lives through Feng Shui. I can not recommend this course enough.

The Feng Shui Master Certification was such a wonderful learning experience. The breadth and depth of materials and topics covered were so thorough and enriching.

Allison Lindblom

Feng Shui can transform lives in extraordinary ways.

If you’re passionate about helping others change their lives through Feng Shui, why not turn your passion into a career?

The Feng Shui Master Certification is an internationally accredited course that teaches you everything you need to know about Feng Shui so you can deeply transform your life and the lives of your future clients when you become a Feng Shui consultant.

Whether you just want to offer stand-alone Feng Shui consulting or incorporate Feng Shui into your existing services, this course will exponentially extend the reach of your light into the world.

In this self-paced online Feng Shui course, you will learn Amanda’s powerful and holistic blend of classical and intentional Feng Shui.

The Feng Shui Master Certification course includes the prerequisite Level 1 Foundational Course Feng Shui Your Life which teaches you everything you need to know about how to use Feng Shui to transform lives and homes.

Feng Shui brings balance

You can start this course, TODAY.

There’s no waiting period, no expectation or time frame of completion. We highly recommend attending the LIVE classes listed, however, life gets busy and if you’ve missed the LIVE class start date you’re welcome to join in at any point or watch the recordings at your own leisure. The content is intentionally designed as self-paced, turn-key, and cultivated for YOUR convenience, adaptable to YOUR lifestyle. We want you to succeed, thrive and complete this journey with ease.

This course is potent and powerful for..

Professionals working with houses and home spaces

Professionals working with houses and home spaces

Feng Shui is about the home, it encompasses the energy, balance, and flow of the home and teaches us how to utilize the law of attraction to manifest our greatest desires and dreams into this reality. Many of my students have careers that work with houses and home spaces and they have experienced increased profits, an abundance in new clientele, and a sustainable service they’ve never encountered before learning Feng Shui. You can incorporate Feng Shui with existing services or utilize your prior knowledge in your future Feng Shui consulting business.

Interior Designer

Design spaces that aren’t just aesthetically pleasing but that are mindful of the client’s pain points and provide a sustainable, long-term result.

Professional organizer

Using space clearing, clutter clearing, and Feng Shui tools, you can provide your clients with the ultimate clean and mindful space. This allows for optimal workflow, lessened anxiety, increased productivity, and abundance for your clients and their businesses.

Home Stager

Create inviting spaces with optimal energy flow using classical and intentional Feng Shui to increase interest in properties and increase sales.

Real Estate Agent / Property Manager

Help your clients sell, buy and rent properties while increasing your sales and commissions by incorporating Feng Shui principles in the properties and applying remedies.


In Feng Shui we look at the layout, the floorplan, what areas are most auspicious to build specific rooms, what could create blocks, and what would allow positive energy flow, all to provide the clients with a space they can thrive in. We dive into poison arrows such as sharp edges in design, missing areas, how the home is best positioned on the land, and most importantly we invite architects to look at the home as a sacred harmonious space for the occupants to live in.

Hear from my students who have used Feng Shui professionally with houses and home building.

The healers and lightworkers

Feng Shui is like yoga and acupuncture for the home and soul, it directly impacts what energy we bring into the home and what that energy transforms into. When your client comes to you with physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental trauma and you work deeply with them in their healing process, but they return to a home that is out of balance, then the work isn’t sustainable. Whereas when the energy is balanced within the home it transmutes into positive and prosperous energy flow in their lives and healing process.

When your space and energy reflect harmony and you transfer that to the energy in the client’s home and life your work continues to prosper in their lives long-term.

Feng Shui for healers and lightworkers

Feng Shui compliments these careers perfectly:

  • Acupuncturists
  • Massage Therapists
  • Numerologist
  • Astrologists
  • Energy Healers
  • Life Coaches
  • Lightworkers
  • Practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Holistic Health Workers
  • Hypnotherapists
  • Therapists and Counselors
  • Sound Healers
  • Reiki Healers
  • Chiropractors
  • Kinesiology or movement therapy instructors
  • Yoga instructors
  • Tai Chi or Qigong Instructors
  • Homeopaths
  • Midwives and Doulas

Hear from professional healers and lightworkers around the world that have expanded their businesses with Feng Shui.

Sarah OConnell

The International Feng Shui School is outstanding among a large number of Feng Shui training schools in existence today… built on the principles of classical Feng Shui and led by a beacon of light, Amanda Sophia.

Not only will you be lavished with the accumulation of wisdom and knowledge that comprises the course, but you also become competent in the practical side of classical feng shui AND have lots of fun along the way!!

Sarah O Connell, Sligo Ireland

I had improved health, a rather complicated financial issue was resolved in our favor, and I concluded to make a career change to Feng Shui consulting after many years in retail business and also corporate America.

It is extremely rewarding to see progress in my life and the lives of others through applying skills learned from Amanda Sophia and the International Feng Shui School.

Diana A, San Diego

Diana A
Aine Atara

I am an interior architect myself and I really wanted to understand the art of this thousand of years old ancient practice.

I feel confident in my abilities to practice Feng Shui as Amanda’s School provides a complete and comprehensive manual as well as lots of online resources.

Áine Atara, Interior Architect

When you bring your life into alignment and you’re doing your soul’s work, you become a magnet for abundance.

Do you feel stuck in your career?

Do you feel like you’re not living and working at your full potential?

After working with over 30 000 clients, I’ve seen many Beloveds stuck in careers that don’t spark joy, that take them away too much from their families or hobbies, and even their true passions.

This course allows you to expand on your beliefs and passions in a way that’s not forceful, grants you the time to rediscover yourself, and gives you the tools you need to incorporate your own unique gifts into a new Feng Shui business that gives you the freedom to live life on your own terms.

I created a holistic Feng Shui course that holds space for spirituality and fluidity of beliefs. I mix the mathematical concepts of Feng Shui with the concepts of Classical Feng Shui and Intentional Feng Shui in a way that is easy for everyone to learn.

I’ve taught Acupuncturists, Civil Engineers, Energy Healers, Real Estate Agents, and Landscape Designers, who’ve all given the same feedback… incorporating Feng Shui in their businesses has not only created abundance in sales but has helped them fulfill their client’s dreams and desires within their homes, spaces, and healing journeys.

This career is for everyone, for those who want to make an impact in the world, and for those who view themselves as light workers, energy healers, and soul-supporters. You don’t need any experience in Feng Shui, all you need is an open mind and a willing heart.

Many times the way Feng Shui finds you and heals you is how you share it with others.

What can you offer your existing clients?

You may have an existing business, perhaps as a holistic healer or real estate agent and now you’re looking to expand your services. There are so many benefits to using Feng Shui in other fields. Incorporating the remedies and concepts can improve not only your existing services but they can also transform your clients’ lives forever.

Remember, everything you learn in Feng Shui Your Life you’ll incorporate into your own life first. Now, with the Feng Shui Master Certification, you can help others do the same, even in their businesses. First, you learn to walk to talk, and soon you will be thriving and showing others how to flourish as well.

Health & Wellness with Feng Shui

Health & Wellness

  • Does your client wish to improve their health?
  • Do you work with clients who constantly feel exhausted?

With Feng Shui we divide the home into 9 different areas representing different body parts. You’ll learn how to implement and teach your clients remedies that neutralize destructive cycles, improving their health drastically.

For example, you’ll be able to improve a client’s eye and heart health by remedying issues in the South area of their home. If you’re working with clients in the wellness industry, Feng Shui will provide them with a shorter and more sustainable healing period while they’re energetically supported at home.

Abundance & Wealth

  • Do your clients complain about financial blocks?
  • Have you struggled with getting them out of a wealth-sustaining rut?
  • Do your clients live month to month with a leaking budget?

You’ll learn about financial blocks and how to remedy them. You’ll learn how to take a supportive journey with your client based on their past traumas to clean clutter emotionally and mentally as well as in their physical environment. You will be able to neutralize these blocks and invite positive energy by following the flying stars to activate wealth and abundance in their homes.

I include other remedies and tools such as wealth altars and vases, vision boards, and space clearing. You will learn how to assess your client’s needs and work with the energy flow accordingly.

Abundance and Wealth with Feng Shui
Productivity and Focus with Feng Shui

Productivity & Focus

  • Do you have clients who struggle to focus or sustain productivity?
  • Does your client feel demotivated, drained, or imbalanced?
  • Do you have clients who struggle with destructive habit cycles?
  • Do any of your clients work remotely?

After receiving your certification, you’ll be able to calculate your client’s personal trigram, personal element, and productive direction according to their personal birth chart.

In the course, we cover organization, space clearing, and remedies that amplify clarity and goal setting. You’ll be able to rearrange the space and adjust positioning according to your client’s needs and the personal best position for the ultimate activation of productivity.

The same counts for supportive sleep and health remedies, you will have all the skills to provide them with a thriving blueprint for a fully supported sleep pattern, goal-orientated areas in the home, and furthermore, a balanced schedule. This can also aid larger clients such as companies and corporations who long for more productive staff and a positive work environment.

Relationships & Family

  • Do you have clients with marital issues?
  • Does your client desire to open up to a fulfilling relationship again?
  • Does your client want to cultivate healthy relationships within the family?
  • Are there constant conflicts in their lives with loved ones?

Using the Flying Stars of the home you’ll be able to identify Fighting Swords (which cause arguments and disruptions) and neutralize them with Salt Water cures, space clearing, and other remedies.

If your client is struggling with connection, and family relationships or they might be single and wanting to find love, then Feng Shui principles will help you to support your client by cultivating a welcoming environment supportive of love. You’ll teach them how to manifest love through the law of attraction.

Relationships and Family with Feng Shui
Work and Life Balance with Feng Shui

Work-Life Balance

  • Do your clients struggle with setting boundaries?
  • Do they complain about being disorganized and overwhelmed?
  • Can you sense their energy is being drained?

Boundaries are necessary emotionally, mentally, and physically in our relationships and work life. In the Feng Shui Master Certification, you’ll learn to activate boundaries in your own life and teach your clients to do the same. You’ll also learn how to activate boundaries through gates, well-maintained entryways, and rituals that support safe spaces that are inclusive of alone time and self-care for both yourself and your clients.

In Level 1: Feng Shui Your Life, you’ll learn how to separate work and home life, how to draw clear boundaries in relationships, and flourish in your sanctuary.

In Level 2: Feng Shui Master Certification you’ll learn how to read large office spaces, staff, and work environments and how to raise the vibration for those clients.

Business & Property

  • Does your client desire their business to thrive?
  • Are they thinking of purchasing or renting a property?
  • Are they starting a new business?

This course will provide you with all you need to give guidance and advice, and implement remedies for your client’s business or property ventures. Using wealth remedies and organization you can increase the business profits, and with small changes, you can help your client sell and buy their dream property.

One of my clients asked for advice on her property that just wasn’t selling, I gave her advice and remedies to implement. One of which was to buy a welcoming statue that she never would have in her home, she bought a little dog and placed it by the front door. A short while later someone purchased the property – in love with the dog statue. The point is, that there are so many valuable remedies to use to guide your clients successfully through big transitions.

Feng Shui for Property & Business
Mary Gilmer

Not only are my consultations now providing dynamic results, I know I have become a better person for taking the course. I would recommend the course to all true spiritual seekers.

I felt something missing, with my practice only intermittently effective. I will forever be grateful that I was led to the International School of Feng Shui, and to my Master’s Certification in Feng Shui.

Mary Gilmer, Award-winning interior designer, and Certified Feng Shui Consultant.

Not only has it benefited me, but I’m also seeing a positive difference in the people whose houses I’ve applied Feng Shui to.

Since opening up to the ancient knowledge of Feng Shui, I’m starting to connect the dots in other areas of my life. Thank you amazing Amanda!

Fiona O’Neill, Vocalist for the Women of Ireland

Fiona O’Neill

Welcome Beloved

I’m Amanda!

You might have heard of me from a trusted source, a friend or family member, or perhaps you discovered my podcast, blogs, or other content. Whatever brought you here, I’m grateful that our paths have crossed. You’ve just entered a safe space. Wherever you are on your soul journey, you will not be judged here; you are accepted and embraced with love.

If you’re interested in living an abundant, successful, and balanced life, I have the best news for you. That’s what we do here! In this course, we go on a transformational soul journey so you can easily attract the life, love, and wealth you deserve. You have a birthright to abundance and I’ll be honored to take this journey with you. The Master Certification in Feng Shui will also teach you how to start a new business sharing the transformational magic of Feng Shui with others. 

To take this course you don’t need any experience in Feng Shui, nor have any particular spiritual beliefs. You will be fully supported and guided on how you can upgrade all areas of your life. 

Amanda Sophia

I’ve worked with clients like…

logo gray 2
Amanda teaches the next generation of Feng Shui practitioners and teacher

I’m also known as the

Teacher’s Teacher

I’ve obtained this title through over 20 years of working with over 30,000 clients, practicing and teaching Feng Shui in all parts of the world. I went from consultant to expert to teacher, now training consultants from Dublin to Dubai and everywhere in between, providing them with the tools to build their businesses from the ground up and become successful, internationally recognized Feng Shui experts.

My students have not only exceeded all expectations in the consultant industry, but some also founded their own schools and training programs with their unique skills woven into their teachings.

With both the Feng Shui Your Life and Feng Shui Master Certification courses, my goal is to guide you to implement the knowledge, rituals, practices, and wisdom of this over 3000-year-old Chinese art and science, into your daily life, home, and energy. Beloved, my desire for you is to shine your magical light into the world through consultation, expertise, and teaching. I provide you with the energetic blueprint to live a successful and abundant life while teaching others to do the same.

You may have seen my content on…

What is Feng Shui?

Quantum physics proves that everything is made of energy. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art form that helps us balance the energy in our homes and lives. In Feng Shui, we shift our lives with sacred practices and scientific remedies. We design dwellings to uplift how we feel. In turn, the energy flow leads to our happiest, most fulfilling life.

Feng Shui is designed to create positive change in your relationships, career, finances, and health. We believe it’s also a path to self-awareness and transformation.

Feng Shui can assist you and your clients in accessing wealth and abundance, activating health benefits and eliminating illnesses, deepening connections in relationships, supporting positive family dynamics, creating balanced work and home life environments, and releasing stress and healing past traumas.

What is Feng Shui?
Feng Shui and Energy

Energy and Feng Shui

Have you heard the expression that “everything is energy”? Well, in Feng Shui we not only observe how energy flows in our outer environment but also how it reflects our inner worlds. Your energy in day-to-day life is affected by your present emotions and also your trauma, healing journey, and past. Since we want to improve and optimize the energy in the home, you’ll often find that inner healing also needs to occur. Doing the inner work helps us let go of what has weighed us down and it’s this inner transformation that makes it easier to take steps to enhance our outer environment.

The methods I use in Feng Shui are designed to help you heal your grief, loss, and trauma and provide you with the tools that lead you into your transformation, abundance, and new life. This also means the changes you make using Feng Shui are more sustainable as it’s an extension of your inner journey. Think of Feng Shui as a connected mirror between the inner and outer, whatever occurs/heals/disrupts one will create a ripple effect in the other. Now, imagine your life with inner wounds healed and these changes reflected in your habits, language, space, and relationships. Isn’t that transformation what we all desire?

Unlocking Abundance Through Feng Shui

Beloved, you can unlock abundance in your personal life, and in your career and guide others through transformational transitions in their lives and homes.

While this course is the perfect career change for those desiring a purpose-filled profession, it’s also a lifestyle change. You are called to become the best version of yourself, releasing the chains of the past and opening up your life to prosperity and abundance.

I teach a powerful and holistic blend of classical and intentional Feng Shui. The focus is on intentionally creating a space that supports you in all areas of your life. In this journey, the inner work comes first and then the changes in the environment attract further success.

Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom

In Feng Shui we fix what is broken around the home, poor maintenance can lead to finances lacking and blockages in abundance. From there we remedy any blocks and allow abundance and wealth to flow freely into our lives.


Physical Well-being and Healing

Using your Feng Shui element based on your birthday, determine how to position furniture to allow energy to circulate in an ideal way. This allows your body to heal and adapt as your energy shifts. It increases the happy hormones and your physical well-being will benefit from the positive energy flow.

Supported Sleep

Supported Sleep

The bedroom is intended solely for sleep and intimacy. When we remove all the other distractions like heavy fire elements, electronics and family portraits, then rest and relaxation is fully supported and enjoyed.

Mental Clarity

Enhances Mental Clarity

Disorganization blocks the flow of energy. When your home is cluttered, your mind is cluttered. Let go of what no longer serves you, bring in more of what brings you joy and you’ll find mental and emotional clarity.

Healthy Relationships

Relationships and Deeper Connections

In Feng Shui, we use remedies and rituals to attract the love we deserve, often within ourselves and then in our partnerships/marriages/relationships. If you’re single, then Feng Shui will help you find the person you’ve wanted to attract and cultivate the self-love you’ve deserved all along.

Clear negative energies

Removes Negative Energy

We employ rituals of sound, smudging, dowsing, chanting, breathing, and other ancient tools. In the final module of Feng Shui Your Life, learn to cleanse energy, bless present-day objects, and claim the space for your highest unfolding. This will help you clean your home from any old, stagnant or dead energy from past tenants/owners/roommates.

Increased Productivity

Increased Productivity

With Feng Shui you can increase productivity in the workplace, office or remote working space through small shifts of furniture, space and remedies. You will fall into the flow of your work while adapting healthy boundaries in your energy field.


Career advancement

Career Advancements

When working with the 9 areas of the Bagua Map, we work with the energy of our career and implement remedies that enhances our advancement in the workplace, or helps us focus on the goals and intentions we’ve set.


Increased Fertility

Increased Fertility

Yes! Not only does Feng Shui bring couples closer, but with the right remedies and energy shifts in the bedroom, kitchen and front door area it can also increase fertility and deepen intimacy.


International Feng Shui School Guild

The Feng Shui Master Certification online course is brought to you by the International Feng Shui School. Amanda founded the International Feng Shui School over a decade ago with the mission to offer support and teachings to help raise the level of consciousness, person by person, and the vibration of the planet, home by home.

The International Feng Shui School is a Gold Level School with the International Feng Shui Guild. The International Feng Shui Guild is the premier professional organization dedicated to Feng Shui.

Start a career as a Feng Shui consultant and thrive financially

What is a Feng Shui consultant?

A Feng Shui consultant works with the energies in people’s homes, either virtually or physically. They assess the home’s blueprint, find the best positions and elements for each person in the house according to their birth chart and Feng Shui element and work on the remedies customized by the home dweller’s goals, challenges, and preferences. They create a personalized report for the home on what can be changed, adapted, removed, or added to leave the home flourishing in complete harmony.

What’s it like being a Feng Shui consultant?

Read what our students have to say.

Najah Abdus Salaam

“I love hearing the positive changes that happen in each of my clients’ lives after our session.”

Najah Abdus-Salaam

Fiona Finn

“Feng Shui can be done remotely or actually on site. I have a mix of both, which I love.”

Fiona Finn

Helene Lang

“Feng Shui is a beautiful tool – it has many much deeper layers.”

Helene Lang

Now imagine yourself as a successful Feng Shui consultant…

Let’s take a moment to visualize how this change in direction can feel like for you.

  • You’ll have the freedom to create your own schedule, building a business that allows you to shape your client’s environment to their needs, desires, and goals.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to travel, work remotely or have a home base, and this can always transition into something more in the future.
  • Your day can start off with meditation, wellness, and self-love, and end in gratitude for the passion and purpose involved during your work day.

The world needs lightworkers like you. We all crave community, purpose, and security now more than ever. Feng Shui empowers you to usher in what you need most to thrive.

Give professional Feng Shui consultations

Help people transform their homes into soul-sanctuaries.

How the Feng Shui Master Certification can support your business…

Offer Feng Shui Services

Feng Shui Master Certification covers everything you need to start your own practice and how to incorporate it with your current business; from preparing for a consultation to marketing your message to the world.

Better Support Your Clients

Learn how to fully support your existing and future clients with Feng Shui while employing healthy boundaries and protecting your energy. You’ll learn how to adapt Feng Shui services into your existing services.

Improve Productivity and Performance

Increase productivity and focus for yourself and your clients by using birth charts to calculate Feng Shui elements and determine the best directions for each person.

Marketing and Abundance with Ease

You’ll learn how to market your business from scratch by getting clear on your values and positioning, determining who your ideal clients are and how to find them, and more. We unpack marketing, social media, and customer service—along with powerful meditations for abundance.

Become a Leader

You will be equipped with tools to facilitate workshops, supportive circles, leading meditation journeys, and more. We provide tips on how to confidently step into your leadership role as a Feng Shui professional.

I took the course to enhance my energy transformation business. Little did I know it would be this school that would transform me.

It is rare that I find something so profound, so beautiful that it literally knocks me on my butt and makes me rethink my entire life. That is what Amanda does. That is what this school is meant for.

Bryce K.

Bryce Kennedy
Sophia Lotter

There is much information, depth, and material to learn, and she presents it in such a way that makes it entirely manageable and rewarding.

The amount of work and love that has been put into what she teaches is evident from day one of the course.

Sophia Lotter

The Feng Shui Master Certification Course is perfect for you if you’re seeking…

Tick icon

Balance and Harmony

If you’re interested in learning Feng Shui to enhance your own life, cultivating more balance in your career, home life, and relationships, and teaching others to do the same.

Tick icon

Financial Freedom

You want to become a professional Feng Shui Consultant, earning up to $175 – $500 per hour, ready to consult with clients from day one.

Tick icon

Enhanced Professional Skills

You desire to expand on your current professional services so you can provide more holistic solutions that will help your clients thrive.

Tick icon

Building on past Feng Shui experience

If you’ve studied Feng Shui before and wish to expand on your knowledge or learn advanced techniques.

Tick icon

A Travel-friendly Business

If you want to travel and work remotely from anywhere in the world and expand your client base worldwide.


How the Course is Structured

With the Master Certificate you get access to two courses: Feng Shui Your Life (Level 1) and the Feng Shui Master Certification  (Level 2). In Feng Shui Your Life you learn how to apply Feng Shui principles to your own life so you get to experience first-hand the deeply transformational magic of Feng Shui. In the Feng Shui Master Certification, you learn how to run a successful Feng Shui business transforming the lives of individuals and businesses locally and all over the world.

feng shui mastery international feng shui school with amanda collins feng shui your life logo

Begin Your Transformative Journey Today


Level 1: The Foundation For Success

Transformational Training In Eight Modules

Module 1 Awakened Life, Awakened Home

Module 1

Awakened Life, Awakened Home

Open up your intuition, connect with your inner magic and learn how to ground your energy. We dive into what Feng Shui is, how you can commit to yourself and your future and how our Feng Shui community functions. I’ll share my journey and exercises and meditations that you can work through to align with your Higher Self.

Module 2 Feng Shui Foundations

Module 2

Feng Shui Foundations

An introduction to the history of Feng Shui, the different schools of Feng Shui, the importance of Yin and Yang, and how you can create your own personal Trigram. We’ll work through the five senses of Feng Shui, the Five Elements, the three cycles, and how they’re all incorporated in design. Practice a deeply relaxing meditation.

Module 3: Elements of your home

Module 3

The Elements of Your Home

Learn how to remedy different house types through classical compass school Feng Shui. Discover your home’s intrinsic energy based on its energetic blueprint birth chart. We’ll discuss the Flying Stars, Early Heaven Sequence, late heaven sequence and Traditional Feng Shui, diving into the meaning of the eight trigrams and how to read your compass both in person and online.

Module 4 Internal Energy of Your Home

Module 4

The Internal Energy of Your Home

Learn about every room in your home and how to divide floor plans for optimal flow and balance. How to remedy homes with missing areas and how the shapes of buildings impact their occupants.

Feng Shui Your Life - Module 5

Module 5

Intentional Creation

Use Intentional Feng Shui to create the life of your heart’s desires. Unload what no longer serves you by clearing out clutter and attracting your desires through manifestations and powerful affirmations. Learn how to play in the power of art and the psychology of color.

Module 6 Raising the Vibration

Module 6

Raise the Vibration

Dive into the sensual and potent world of rituals. Work with saltwater cures, wealth vases, and clearing meditations. Raise your vibration, clear money blocks, and live financially free.

Module 7 Remedy Your Landscape

Module 7

Remedying Your Landscape

Apply Feng Shui to the land and position of your home and reconnect with Nature. Evaluate the land and create a powerhouse garden and release the old to make way for the new.

Module 8 Clear and Cleanse

Module 8

Clearing & Cleansing Energy

Clear and cleanse your space, so it works for your highest good. We explore the fascinating world of altars, blessings, wind chimes, mirrors, electromagnetic fields, and learn how to connect with your intuition and inner magic. We lean into the Golden Thread and learn to listen to our ancestors, Angels, and guides.

feng shui mastery international feng shui school with amanda collins start your career logo


Level 2: Become A Feng Shui Consultant

A New Career In Just Eight Modules

Once you’ve completed the Feng Shui Your Life course, you’re ready to start your journey to becoming a Feng Shui consultant.

Module 1 Feng Shui For Business

Module 1

Feng Shui for Businesses and Corporations

Take your trade into the business world. Help companies and corporations boost morale, productivity and profits. Increase wealth and prosperity with simple Feng Shui rituals and practices.

module 2 real estate and home building

Module 2

Real Estate and Home Buildings

Integrate Feng Shui into buying, selling or building a home from the ground up. Guide clients in all their buying and selling property needs.

Your Feng Shui business goals

Module 3

Your Feng Shui Business

We cover everything from preparing for a consultation, the first interactions with clients, to starting a successful Feng Shui practice. Getting clear on who you are and what you offer are key elements of building your business.

Holding Space

Module 4

Holding Space

Support your clients while protecting your energy. Learn the language of a Feng Shui consultation, and how to express your unique voice with clients. How to support your clients during transitions and build trust in the process.

Perform online and in-person consultations

Module 5

Performing a Consultation In-Person & Online

Walk through every step of a Feng Shui consult for both in-person and remote meetings, including measuring the floorplan, samples of reports, and recommended programs to use. We also cover space clearing and energy-raising rituals both in-person and virtually.

Set up your Feng Shui business for success

Module 6

Set Up for Success

Align with your intrinsic message, ideal clients, how to handle naysayers, optimal price points for your services, and how to set up packages. We unpack marketing, social media, and customer service—along with powerful meditations for abundance.

Module 7 Remedy Your Landscape

Module 7

Leading the Way

Step into your own leadership. Learn how to facilitate workshops, circles, meditations, journeys and more. Learn Feng Shui for retail, hotels, events, travel, restaurants, yoga studios, and more.


Module 8

Your Own Practice

Explore effective case studies and create your own. Begin taking action on what’s important for your new business and life, and learn the ethics code and what is expected of you in this career.

Online Geomancy and Land Healing Certification

Bonus 1

Introduction to Geomancy and Land Healing

Dive into the history of Geomancy, the philosophy, and the rationale behind it, and discover its spiritual aspects. Geomancy and Land Healing will align beautifully with your work as a Feng Shui consultant.

Bonus 2

Introduction to Divine Woman Awakening

Learn to be a Queen of your own life leading with sovereignty and love. We work through self-compassion, self-acceptance, and healing the womb from any past trauma while working with holistic tools to flow naturally with our menstrual cycles. During the autumn equinox, we prepare to receive the abundance of the new Celtic year by releasing the old and creating an inviting space within for the new. This is a time to process emotions, reflect and connect with the earth, Source, and your inner Goddess. Learn rituals, altar-building, and co-create with the monthly moon cycles. 

Divine Woman Awakening
Inner Circle of Feng Shui

Bonus 3

Get access to a handful of Feng Shui classes from the Inner Circle of Feng Shui

The Inner Circle of Feng Shui is a membership and community that has an extensive library of videos that can take your knowledge and practice to the next level. We’ve included these videos in this bonus section: how to align your home with Feng Shui when buying or renting properties, using Feng Shui to rent out your home, how Feng Shui can support you when moving in with another person, Feng Shui & fertility, poison arrow solutions, and how to Feng Shui a movie theatre.

Ian Claxton

It wasn’t until I used it on my own business that I truly realized the power of this cosmic energy. Amanda has helped me reconnect with this way of life.

Amanda works from her heart and is very gifted at what she does. I completed her Feng Shui course equipped with the ancient knowledge and wisdom of this beautiful art and complex science.

Ian Claxton, Ireland

The certification covered all aspects of Feng Shui, giving me the knowledge and confidence to start my Feng Shui business.

Amanda is an inspiration — a living, breathing expression of the magic of Feng Shui. Her knowledge, passion, and love permeate the entire training.

Patricia Lohan

Patricia Lohan

This is more than a Feng Shui course…

Embark on a Transformative Soul Journey

When energy or chi can’t flow optimally through a home, it can lead to issues with money, health, relationships, work stagnation, and poor habit cultivation. Just like in acupuncture for the body, your home too has pressure points for which Feng Shui can provide the remedies. I’ve seen 1000’s of students find their ideal work, step into the wealth and abundance they deserve, deepen relationships and heal from past trauma while moving forward in the most beautiful way possible- THRIVING! That’s what I wish for you, a thriving, bountiful, and abundant life.

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Self-Paced, Start Anytime

You can start studying TODAY. There’s no waiting period, no specific time frame, and no experience required. Learn the foundations of Feng Shui and confidently start your business as a Feng Shui consultant.  

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You will get assigned an accountability partner who you can count on for support, insight, and perspective. Practice creating and holding space for each other. 

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Lifetime access

Once purchased, you will have lifetime access to all the materials, recorded classes, and the supportive community. You’re always welcome to retake lessons, join the conversations and attend live online classes. 

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On-going Support

This is not a one-time, wham bam course; this is a journey we take together, and I won’t leave you hanging after you’ve completed the course. I cultivate long-lasting relationships with my students because I want to see them thrive in ALL areas of their life. You can directly ask me questions on the private forum.

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In-depth Case Studies

You will be asked to create three case studies that allow you to practice all your skills and use the knowledge you’ve gained during the course. I assess and provide feedback on these case studies with the aim of helping you improve your Feng Shui assessments with future clients. 

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Live Classes & Recordings

Every year in spring and fall you can join our live online classes and participate in active conversation with me and other students. We know life gets busy so recordings of these events will be made available to watch at your leisure. You’ll also have access to years worth of recordings from past live classes.

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Guidance from Amanda

Both during and after the course, I will guide you on how to Feng Shui your own home and office space to reap the benefits of this transformational course.

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Join the Directory

After completing the certification, you can choose to be added to the International Feng Shui School’s directory of Feng Shui consultants. The directory can help potential new clients find you based on your location. 

Have questions? Have a chat with Amanda.

Would you like to connect with Amanda to determine if this course is the best fit for you? Reach out to Amanda to set up your free 15-minute complimentary call.

Why did I create the Feng Shui Master Certification?

Behind the comprehensive Feng Shui Your Life and Feng Shui Master Certification is the heart of it all—my life transformation and the passion for helping others experience the same for themselves. Over the years of learning and practicing Feng Shui, I watched as Feng Shui brought healing to myself and my clients from the inside out.

  • Feng Shui created balance, purpose, and peace in the lives of those around me.
  • Those struggling with infertility were conceiving.
  • People were being presented with new careers and an abundance of financial growth.
  • I rejoiced as clients of mine were finding their soulmates and beginning a new life together.
  • Couples with years of trauma bonding were finally releasing and revitalizing their relationships.

After experiencing healing transformations, I had many friends and clients asking me if I could teach them how to be a Feng Shui consultant. The inquiries were so frequent that I decided to sit down and meditate on the idea.

Slowly a golden thread of guidance began to weave itself between my heart, mind, and spirit as I came to the realization that by creating a course I could quickly and effectively help so many more people compared to my one-on-one consultations. 

Teaching in-person and online has me thriving and operating fully within my purpose! That’s what I also want for you, Beloved, to find your soul’s purpose so you too can thrive and attract what you desire. 

Amanda teaching Feng Shui

Why are there LIVE classes?

When you join the Master Certification Course, you are invited to join 8 weeks worth of LIVE classes each fall and spring, where questions are welcome and answers are freely given. Topics of the modules are covered in depth and a supportive community is cultivated among the students.

You may ask why I do this. Especially since everything could be prerecorded and just given along with the course content, right? Yes, we do add the recordings to the course and you’ll have access to the recordings forever, but I believe that we all need community and fellowship, the power of this safe space has proven itself over and over again! While I encourage the soul-supporter relationship created between you and your accountability partner, it’s so valuable to have input from various sources. It not only motivates you to dive deeper into the course but it also provides perspective.

Join our live Feng Shui classes

It’s suggested the Feng Shui Master Certification students attend all the live classes at some point during their studies.

View our other 2024 live class dates Here

Feng Shui Your Life Class Dates

  • FEBRUARY 9th, 2024 (10 AM PST – 11.30 AM)
    FEBRUARY 23rd, 2024 (10 AM PST – 11.30AM)
    MARCH 8th, 2024 (10 AM PST – 11.30 AM)
    MARCH 22nd, 2024 (10 AM PST – 11.30 AM)

Feng Shui Master Certification Class Dates

APRIL 12th, 2024 (10 AM PST – 11.30 AM)
APRIL 26th, 2024 (10 AM PST – 11.30 AM)
MAY 10th, 2024 (10 AM PST – 11.30 AM)
MAY 24th, 2024 (10 AM PST – 11.30 AM)

If you sign up outside of a LIVE class season, you will still receive continuous support. Starting the course outside of a LIVE class season gives you time to work through the material and prepare any questions you may have.

Meet your Co-Teacher

Nicole Seidlitz

Nicole Seidlitz

As a deeply intuitive individual, Nicole found herself drawn to various healing modalities throughout her life. The turning point came when she completed her yoga teacher training and simultaneously was propelled to delve into the formal study of Feng Shui. Recognizing it as one of her deepest passions, she experienced significant shifts in her life shortly after implementing the principles she learned during the initial days of training. This heightened awareness reinforced her understanding of the profound impact our living environment has on our overall well-being.


Nicole, frequently referred to as “Nicky” by family, friends, and students, discovered her affinity for Feng Shui long before formally encountering the practice. Fueled by a childhood passion for decorating and rearranging spaces to evoke a harmonious ambiance, she intuitively paid meticulous attention to details that ensured each room “felt good,” as noted by her family. This innate inclination towards creating positive environments paved the way for Nicky’s deep exploration into the world of Feng Shui.

Over the past decade, Nicole has dedicated herself to training and collaborating with Amanda Sophia. She has also enrolled in courses with Karen Kingston and holds great admiration for her written works. Additionally, Nicole pursued training with Geomancer and Architect Alex Stark, augmenting her expertise with diverse perspectives in the ancient art. This extensive training has provided her with a unique set of skills, enabling her to approach the practice with both depth and insight.

Her commitment to mastering Feng Shui led her to China in 2019, where she sought to deepen her knowledge. Nicole’s globetrotting spirit extends beyond China, as she has traveled to Sacred Sites in England, Ireland, Peru, Chile, and Southeast Asia. These journeys have not only enriched her cultural experiences but also deepened her understanding of diverse environments and their energies.

Motivated by a desire to foster harmony in the world, Nicole feels honored to share her Feng Shui knowledge with people globally. Her mission is to help individuals lead happier, more loving, and joy-filled lives through the transformative power of Feng Shui.

Born in Ecuador and raised in Chile, Nicole currently resides in Southern California with her husband and daughter and can often be found at the beach, going on bike rides, and spending time with family and friends. Fluent in both Spanish and English, she passionately consults and teaches Feng Shui to a diverse audience, embodying her belief in the universal applicability of this ancient art to enhance the lives of individuals around the world.

We provide you with everything you need when you invest in the Master Certification!

The only thing you will need to purchase is a compass and your preferred space-clearing tools.

The following is included in the course:

  • Study at your own pace with training videos and audios to transform yourself and your home.
  • Over 60 hours of video training (30 hours in Feng Shui Your Life + 30 hours in Feng Shui Master Certification).
  • Live calls with Amanda every spring & fall. You have access to dozens of recordings of live sessions over the years.
  • Get matched with an accountability partner that you can walk with on this journey. 
  • Receive Amanda’s 400-page downloadable Feng Shui Manual.
  • Do exercises to step into your greatest self.
  • Take quizzes to help retain what you’ve learned.
  • Lifetime access to all class materials.
  • Practice meditations, rituals, breath work, and more to heal and thrive
  • Connect with our wonderful community and Amanda in the private Community and IFSS forum. The first year of the forum is FREE, once the year is complete, the forum will be $36 per year that follows. Ensuring you have continued support beyond your certification.
  • Download the files, documents, and forms you need to start a Feng Shui business.
  • Get listed as a Certified Feng Shui Consultant on the International Feng Shui School website.
  • PLUS, get additional training on how to prosper as a Certified Feng Shui Consultant.
What is Feng Shui and how does it work?
Farrah S

As a professional interior designer, my goal is to enhance my client’s quality of life and make them feel good about their living or working environment.

I became interested in learning about Feng Shui and I felt harmony in the class with Amanda’s vast knowledge and her loving and happy demeanor. I recommend Amanda’s beneficial training for design professionals or any interested individuals.

FARRAH S, Professional Interior Designer

I took Amanda’s Feng Shui Master training and it has changed my practice and life! I have been in the healing arts for over 16 years.

This ancient art has helped me to see an even more in-depth and complete view of my patient’s health and lifestyle. Feng Shui starts to shift their life as soon as you start the consult and the changes are POWERFUL!

Sarah Wergin, R.N., Acupuncturist, Sound Healer

Sarah Wergin

I want to flourish financially.

I want more stability.

I want my dream job!

I want deeper intimacy in my relationship.

I want to increase my business revenue.

I want to thrive.

With Feng Shui, all of this is not only possible, but it’s at your fingertips!

Feng Shui Master Certification Course

Are you ready to invest in new skills that can make your existing services more effective? Or, are you ready to start a new business doing what you love?

It can feel daunting to invest in a course and I hear you, Beloved. Any investment needs thought, consideration, and possibly some doubt. It can be hard to invest in yourself and make a drastic change in your skills and career, especially if you’ve been stuck in survival mode for so long. 

This is not just another online course to purchase and forget about Beloved. This course supports transformation, it lights a path to financial abundance and wealth, an expanding career, and a complete metamorphosis of self. Feng Shui is the ultimate investment in yourself, your well-being, your relationships, and your livelihood.

If you are interested but you feel as if you need more information or guidance on this decision, please reach out to me via email or social media. I’d love to connect with you and together we can assess if this is the best choice for YOU

We have different payment plans because we understand that a single payment isn’t always possible. We want to make it easy for you to say yes to healing, abundance, and joy.

BEST Value

Single Payment




2 monthly payments of



Low Monthly

3 monthly payments of



PayPal Credit allows you 6 months of interest-free financing. Payments must be completed within 6 months to be interest-free. All you have to do is fill out a quick application, and you will get a credit decision in seconds.

Find out more and apply: US students, UK students

Quality Training Guarantee

Soul Satisfaction Guaranteed

Invest in yourself with confidence

With the resources, support, and materials in this course we’re certain that it will transform your energy and life. But! If you’re not sure, we’d like to give you the peace of mind to invest risk-free. 

If for any reason, after 14 days of purchasing the course, you feel it’s not for you or perhaps it doesn’t resonate, just let us know and we’ll give you a 100% refund on your purchase.

We know this works, we know the wisdom is carried by the ancients, and the materials are carefully curated, the result of abundance and transformation speak for themselves. That being said, we always want you to feel safe in your investments both for yourself and your business. If you decide to invest in yourself, your future, and your goals with this course then you will have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Frequently Asked Questions

We always aim to answer as many questions as we can, but there might be specific questions that aren’t covered in the FAQ section. We’re here to be transparent and supportive, please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns that you may have and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

What is the format and how long does it take to complete?

Both the Feng Shui Your Life Course and Feng Shui Master Certification are each 8 weeks long but self-paced so you can complete the course in the timeframe that suits your schedule. The course material is provided via Kajabi, in video format with accompanying audio, pdfs, documents, and more.

Tell me more about the International Feng Shui School

We opened our doors to students worldwide in 2003. Since then, we have been honored to welcome students from all cultural and professional backgrounds. You may check out our International Feng Shui School Directory to see some of our graduates. Gather inspiration as you explore how each student has created their path with our high-level training.

How is this different from other Feng Shui programs?

Training at the International Feng Shui School use ancient wisdom to increase self-awareness, personal growth, and our quality of life. In other words, we make this science an art. We make mathematical formulas matter.

We believe Feng Shui is meant to be accessible, useful, and enjoyable for the modern age. In Level One, we break things down into tangible steps for your home. In Level Two, we provide tools to start your own business or integrate Feng Shui into your current work life. You’ll have lifetime access to all curriculum from the courses you take.

There’s something else distinct about the IFSS; We incorporate ancient practices that grow personal empowerment, self-love and higher consciousness. Amanda is certified as a yoga teacher, reiki practitioner and high priestess in the Celtic tradition. She weaves the world’s great wisdom traditions into her Feng Shui training.

Amanda has an ebullient spirit and a compassionate heart. Students say they feel deeply seen and supported in their unique path. They also love being part of an impassioned and caring Feng Shui family!

Will I have access to Amanda for questions?

Yes! Amanda loves engaging with students in the private community and IFSS forum. You can ask questions, as well as share stories, concerns and successes. Getting a message from Amanda is like a big hug!

We also have wonderful support staff who curate our online community 24/7, plus guest experts who share the latest tips and trends. It’s a space to cultivate Feng Shui friends all over the world. Connect with our wonderful community and Amanda in the private Community and IFSS forum. The first year of the forum is FREE, once the year is complete, the forum will be $36 per year that follows. Ensuring you have continued support beyond your certification.

We can genuinely say: that when you sign up for Feng Shui Master Certification, you become part of our tribe. Engaging in lifelong learning is paramount to us. As we shift our inner and outer landscape, we raise our consciousness. We come closer to realizing our potential for global peace, harmony, and abundance.

What if I love this so much, I’d want more support and inspiration?

We have you covered! Consider the Inner Circle of Feng Shui, our popular membership-based program packed with classes and resources you won’t find anywhere else. Every month, Amanda and other Feng Shui masters teach two live webinars specifically for the Inner Circle of Feng Shui. Students have the chance to request certain themes, from Feng Shui for Pets to Dowsing the land. You’ll also enjoy monthly meditations, seasonal ceremonies, and tips for your Feng Shui practice.

Can I travel and work while studying?

Yes! Many of our students work full time, study full time or part-time, and study Feng Shui in between. We have healers, digital nomads, real estate agents, business owners, parents, and astrologists to name a few who study Feng Shui part-time!

Can I learn on the go?

Yes, our course is easily accessible online so many of our students learn while they’re going for a run, traveling, or making dinner! 

Where are students learning from around the world?

The International Feng Shui School has a directory of graduates representing more than a dozen countries! 

We have new alumni joining on a regular basis and would love to welcome you.

Where will I be recognized after completing the course?

Once you’ve completed the certification, you will be added to the directory where others will be able to find you. You will be accredited with an International certificate, you’ll be able to practice Feng Shui all over the world!

What can I do after completing the Feng Shui Master Certification course?

You will be a certified Feng Shui Consultant so you can Feng Shui people’s homes both in person and remotely. You will have all the skills and knowledge to transform people’s lives and add to any existing services you might currently have.

How much can my potential earnings be as a Feng Shui Consultant?

It depends. Pricing and Packaging can vary but the average is $150-250 an hour. Consultations are between $750-1500 on average as it takes a few hours in general. When you invest in the Feng Shui Master Certification course, you can earn your money back in just a couple of consultations.

How much time do I need to dedicate?

This is entirely up to you. The material videos in this course alone accumulate to over 30 hours, there will still be exercises and classes which take more time. That’s why this is entirely self-paced. If you don’t have the time to dedicate 8 weeks to the course, you can finish it in 10 weeks, 6 months or a year. It’s all up to you and how much time you can dedicate.

There are a lot of Feng Shui courses out there. Why should I choose the International Feng Shui School?

Amanda Sophia brings more than 20 years of Feng Shui expertise to the table and has provided her consultation services to high-caliber clients such as Bloomingdales, Bank of America, Hewlett-Packard, and Dreamworks.

Her inspiration for founding the International Feng Shui School was to provide a holistic approach she felt was missing in her experiences with Feng Shui training. The courses Amanda had taken were incredibly valuable but primarily focused on the science of Feng Shui. Her goal became to help other Feng Shui students connect with Feng Shui on a spiritual and emotional level as well. It wasn’t enough to know Feng Shui best practices; Amanda wanted to help people connect to themselves, their homes, and communities. Only then, did Feng Shui have the most beautifully transformative impact on clients.

The International Feng Shui School was born and has been a sanctuary for students to gather, learn, and transform.

Amanda’s intimate understanding of the mind-body-spirit connection that she received in her training as a Reiki Healer, Yoga instructor, and Celtic Priestess helped guide her course development. She brings the ancient wisdom and practice of Classical Feng Shui to life with a spiritual connection for modern-day application.

Ultimately, our training is a sacred, transformative journey for you, your home, and your life, allowing you to follow your potential for a rewarding, fulfilling career in the future. We present our students with an integrated and balanced approach to the scientific, energetic, and intentional energies of Feng Shui. 

Your investment in the courses will equip you to go into the world and share your light, gifts, and purpose in a fulfilling and joyful way. The Feng Shui courses create a close-knit community of like-minded people to have ongoing support during your studies.

What Feng Shui perspective do you teach? (i.e., Traditional, BTB, Western or Form, Flying Stars, etc.)

Our Feng Shui courses are predominately based in Traditional/Classical Feng Shui practice, including Flying Stars, Form Feng Shui, and Eight Mansions. We teach our students about the “Energetic” with space clearing home and land blessing exercises and how to protect their energy. In addition, we incorporate Intentional Feng Shui and Compass Feng Shui training. Throughout each of our Feng Shui courses, we look to provide complete body-mind-spirit environment training.

Are there additional fees (books, materials, supplies, off-site training, etc.)?

You’ll have all you need when you invest in the Feng Shui courses!

The true treasure is you will have lifetime access to all class material!

The only thing you will need to purchase is a compass.

The following are included in both of the Feng Shui courses:

  • 400-page manual
  • Four reference guides
  • Hours of video training
  • Exercises to step into your greatest self
  • Quizzes to help retain what you’ve learned
  • Meditations, rituals, breathwork, and more to heal and thrive
  • Connect with Amanda and our wonderful community in the private Community. Please note after the first year of support, the forum is $36 per year.

When you sign up for the Feng Shui Master Certification, you’ll also receive:

Additional training on how to prosper as a Certified Feng Shui Consultant
Personal feedback on three case studies you’ll complete for certification
Business tools to kick-start your Feng Shui consultancy business after receiving your certification (i.e., client contracts, questionnaires, etc.)
The opportunity to be listed as a Certified Feng Shui Consultant on the International Feng Shui School website

The Online training allows for the manual, charts, and all documents related to starting your own business to be downloaded at your convenience.

Will I receive support during/after the course?

We’re passionate about providing the necessary support for our alumni and students so they can share their newly learned wisdom and gifts.

The more homes and lives our alumni can bring into alignment, the closer we are to realizing our potential for world peace.

We provide 24/7 support through our online platform and will monitor and answer all of your questions around the clock.

Our Feng Shui family regularly shares information and communicates with each other to answer questions, provide resources, and share success stories. We will pair you with another student, known as your “Soul Supporter,” throughout the course. The two of you will cheer each other on, may choose to study together, and share the journey of learning Feng Shui. Students have created lifetime bonds through our courses.

Why should I enroll in a course when I can access Feng Shui tips for free on YouTube and everywhere else on the internet?

Beloved, there are some excellent Feng Shui resources on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and a simple Google search.

However, many of the free resources only scrape the surface of Classical Feng Shui. The practice is multi-faceted, with many benefits requiring a streamlined, chronological teaching method to implement fully.

Of course, having a general understanding and appreciation for Feng Shui is meaningful, but wouldn’t you want the maximum benefit and ability to apply Feng Shui to every aspect of your life?

Feng Shui Your Life invites students to step into the virtual classroom to learn the basics of Feng Shui, apply them to everyday life, and be transformed by the ancient practice in the modern-day world. It’s an opportunity to lean into your intuition and thrive in a balanced home and life.

The Feng Shui Master Certification is then a deep dive into the many sects of Feng Shui, a more thorough understanding of energy clearing, and the immense privilege of making Feng Shui consultancy a career! Students earn their certification and are provided with the tools to build their Feng Shui business.

Our courses are meticulously written to enhance the ability to learn and live in Feng Shui. Each module will take you more profoundly than the one before it. The immense value of the learning experience can’t be matched by the occasional free resource you may find elsewhere.

Read what students are saying about the value of our Feng Shui courses.

Abundance, financial freedom, and prosperity are yours, Beloved. Are you ready to take the first step in your transformational journey?