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It is our honor to provide the following list of International Feng Shui School Certified Practitioners. Each has completed a comprehensive certification training, has practical experience in Feng Shui consulting, and is qualified to practice Feng Shui throughout the world. Practitioners are listed alphabetically by area.

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Each season we highlight an exceptional Feng Shui practitioner and Geomancer, who graduated from The International Feng Shui School.

Alumni Spotlight:  Jennifer Hauer
Perth, Western Australia

‘Energy flows where attention goes’.

I am dedicated to assisting you in attaining complete well-being, genuine, beauty, and internal and external harmony.

From Beauty Therapist to Energy Practitioner and Feng Shui Consultant, my professional journey has revolved around establishing deep connections to effectively aid individuals in achieving their optimal well-being.

Driven by intuition, knowledge, and practice, every Holistic self-care session, Feng Shui consultation, and Space Clearing service delivers a personalized and distinctive experience.

Name: Jennifer Hauer
Business: Ame Free
Phone Number: +61 (0)448 754 100
Location: Perth, Western Australia

Louise Curran
Gold Level Program - International Feng Shui Guild

Alumni Spotlight: Paul Costello
Co. Galway, Ireland

Hi! Paul (Pól Mac Coisteala) from Inner Earth Alchemy. Hailing from the west of Ireland, a land rich with song and story – I found myself connecting with the magic of myth and folklore. 

Becoming more curious about dreams and stories, allowed me to explore the bardic tales and songs through shamanism, dream interpretation, cosmology, and earth-based spiritual practices and even writing the odd “romantic ballad”. It opened me up to a living lineage and a personal Ancestral practice. 

I hope to help, in any way I can, to rewild your nature and meet the archetypes of your inner alchemist, poet, and bard through song, story, and magic! 

Name: Paul Costello (Red Falcon Moon)
Business: Inner Earth Alchemy
Instagram: @paul.ecostello
Location: Co. Galway, Ireland

Paul Costello
Gold Level Program - International Feng Shui Guild