Alumni Spotlight: Marilina Marcano

Marilina was born in Venezuela and praised for having high levels of energy since childhood and throughout her entire life, therefore she has always been curious to study how energy (chi) flows. She graduated very young with honors as a Civil Engineer, and loved how numbers and spaces came together to build everlasting structures. She pursued her MBA in the US and was always interested in Feng Shui, arranging spaces harmoniously and practicing for her loved ones for the past 20 years while pursuing a successful business career as a Top Commercial Executive in healthcare on a multinational pharmaceutical company. Marilina is married to Jeanniel, who has inspired her to pursue her dreams and have one beloved boy: Massimo. The three enjoy exploring the world together, have lived in many countries and travelled the 5 continents. She describes her purpose as being the “Joyful Sun that powers collective fulfillment”

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