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It is our honor to provide the following list of International Feng Shui School Certified Practitioners. Each has completed a comprehensive certification training, has practical experience in Feng Shui consulting, and is qualified to practice Feng Shui throughout the world. Practitioners are listed alphabetically by area.

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Each season we highlight one exceptional Feng Shui practitioner, graduated from The International Feng Shui School.

Alumni Spotlight:  Nicole Rivers
New Jersey, USA

Nicole is an Integrative Interior Designer and the founder of Brave Heron Studio, where she specializes in creating sacred, sanctuary-focused interiors for women who are on the path of healing and expansion. She infuses a unique mix of indigenous wisdom, sacred ritual, Feng Shui, and more into the design process – rooting her clients within; to create spaces that truly support their vitality, joy, and healing.

The greater mission behind Brave Heron Studio is a devotion to changing the way interiors are designed leading to a recognition of, and respect for, the symbiosis between humans, the planet, spirit, and other life energy within the creation process.

Name:  Nicole Rivers
Business: Brave Heron Studio
Location: Essex County, NJ, USA

Headshot of Nicole Rivers, Feng Shui consultant and interior designer
Gold Level Program - International Feng Shui Guild