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It is our honor to provide the following list of International Feng Shui School Certified Practitioners. Each has completed a comprehensive certification training, has practical experience in Feng Shui consulting, and is qualified to practice Feng Shui throughout the world. Practitioners are listed alphabetically by area.

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Each season we highlight one exceptional Feng Shui practitioner, graduated from The International Feng Shui School.

Alumni Spotlight: Angela Morris
Nashville, Tennessee

Angela Morris is a Harmony Catalyst, Conscious Truther, and Energy Worker. She helps people find new ways to live more meaningful, fearless, and sovereign lives. Angela is a reiki master, and PSYCH-K facilitator and is trained in classical Feng Shui. Based in the Nashville, Tennessee, area, she loves helping clients worldwide find more harmony, empowerment, and clarity. Angela has a passion for personal growth, spirituality, truth, poetry, travel, cats and is always learning. She believes the subconscious mind is key to unlocking your purpose and goals. Angela will challenge you to find deeper understanding and awareness in your life. Each person has the potential and power within them to feel connected to their own intuition and create their best life. Tapping into the Divine guidance held within is a door that can be unlocked when we bravely step into the unknown and get to know ourselves more deeply. She walks the priestess mystical path, is highly intuitive, and is here to help others awaken into their own wisdom.

Name: Angela Morris
Business: AMuniverse
Location: Nashville, USA

Angela Morris
Gold Level Program - International Feng Shui Guild