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It is our honor to provide the following list of International Feng Shui School Certified Practitioners. Each has completed a comprehensive certification training, has practical experience in Feng Shui consulting, and is qualified to practice Feng Shui throughout the world. Practitioners are listed alphabetically by area.

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Each season we highlight one exceptional Feng Shui practitioner, graduated from The International Feng Shui School.

Alumni Spotlight: Michelle Lillicrap
Stillwater, MN USA

My mission is to bring joy to people in their everyday life. I work with my clients with compassion, humbleness and gratitude, helping them achieve abundance, romance and good health. As an advisor, I help them find inner peace and harmony with the world around them through the practice of Feng Shui both virtually and/or in person. I work with complete joy & pleasure. It manifests healing and positive energy.

NAME: Michelle Lillicrap 
LOCATION: Stillwater, MN USA
BUSINESS: Dwellness Home Services LLC
PHONE: 651-245-7151
INSTAGRAM: @yourdwellness

Dimitri Prem Sangeet
Gold Level Program - International Feng Shui Guild