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Welcome to the International Feng Shui School training program. We are so honored and grateful to have you join us

If you feel called to experience the positive transformation that Feng Shui ignites, you are in the perfect place at the perfect time. In joining our training program, either in-person or online, you will learn the techniques, skills, and wisdom of the art and science of Feng Shui to apply to your own life and to offer your services as a Feng Shui practitioner. You will discover the underlying theories of Feng Shui to build a solid foundation of understanding, and unite ancient teachings, cutting-edge science, and experienced spiritual guidance to create life-changing results. Our training program offers a transformative journey for you and your home, and you will develop the profound ability to analyze the specific “energy blueprint” of a home or business, revealing its past, present, and future potential. Feng Shui practitioners are unique in that their work can be applied and beneficial to any and every residence or business, and the market for Feng Shui services is massive and growing. Now more than ever, people are seeking guidance from Feng Shui practitioners to help bring them abundance and growth and to give them the competitive edge.

The mission of the International Feng Shui School is to offer support and teachings to help raise the level of consciousness, person by person, and the vibration of the planet, home by home. Students are guided and encouraged to open new pathways of experiencing and understanding Feng Shui as both an intuitive art and a practical science to develop and hone their own innate wisdom. As practitioners infuse their Feng Shui practice with their unique gifts and perspectives, they bring magic and success to their work and to the people with whom they share their wisdom and love. This program is open to all interested in unearthing the teacher within.

The Benefits of Attending our Feng Shui Master Training:

  • This class will be fun and empowering, and you will meet amazing people with the potential to create some life-long friendships;
  • Amanda will teach you all that she has learned from leading Feng Shui Masters from all over the world and share her experiences from leading numerous trainings and running a successful Feng Shui business consulting for Fortune 500 companies and thousands of residential clients;
  • You will gain the necessary confidence to go out in the world and help people improve their lives by creating supportive environments;
  • You will receive all the resources you need to create a business, including recommendations for web designers and business coaches, and learning how to register a website domain name;
  • You will receive a certificate of completion from the International Feng Shui School and be able to start your business right away and begin earning a fantastic living;
  • You will make a wonderful investment in yourself and will never again need to hire a Feng Shui consultant for your home or any time you move, build, or remodel; this will more than pay off over the years, especially if you lend your help to your family and friends;
  • You will become part of the International Feng Shui School alumni family and have the opportunity to participate in monthly classes and receive online support, sharing knowledge and experience with other alumni;
  • The International Feng Shui School website will list you and your business for free.


The Positive Impact to your Personal Life:

  • This course will help you become the master of your own life as you develop confidence, intuition, and understanding;
  • Applying what you learn will help improve your health, creativity, prosperity, and relationships with your family and beloved;
  • You will find Feng Shui consulting to be rewarding and fulfilling work as you make a tremendous difference in your clients’ lives;
  • You will become conscious of your environment and begin to transform your home to reflect what you would like to manifest in your life, supporting your dreams to become real;
  • You will be empowered to choose the perfect home for yourself whether buying or renting a house or an apartment, and will know how to build or remodel a house with amazing Feng Shui.

This Feng Shui Training is Appropriate for You if Any of the Following are True:

  1. You are interested to learn Feng Shui to enhance your own life;
  2. You want to become a professional Feng Shui Consultant, earning up to $175 – $500 per hour, ready to consult with clients from day one;
  3. You have received training at other Feng Shui schools and now wish to learn advanced techniques;
  4. You aim to enhance your current profession as an Interior Designer, Architect, Landscape Designer, Real Estate Professional, Home Stager, Professional Organizer, Light Worker, Acupuncturist, Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, or Life Coach.


If you feel called to learn about Feng Shui, it can be the most fun and rewarding career helping others. There are so many amazing business opportunities, including Feng Shui consulting for large corporations or residential clients, making over celebrities’ homes, writing books, appearing on TV shows, creating a line of CDs or DVDs, teaching, developing products, franchising, or opening an online or retail store.

Training Outline

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
  • Classical Feng Shui
  • History of Feng Shui
  • Different Schools of Feng Shui
  • Making Sense of Feng Shui in the Western World
  • East/West Theory
  • Yin/Yang Theory
  • The Nine Flying Stars
  • The Five Elements
  • The Lo Pan Compass
  • The Internal Environment
  • The External Environment (Streets, neighbors, land and property shapes and location)
  • The Eight Trigrams
  • The Luo Shu
  • Furniture Alignment
  • Calculating Your Personal Best Directions
  • Case Study
  • Yin/Yang Patterns
  • Spring Establishment
  • Construction Cycle Chart
  • Building Construction Year Charts
  • Floating the Sitting & Facing Numbers
  • Form Feng Shui
  • Case Study

    Day 4 Day 5 Day 6
  • Architecture & Floor Plans
  • Landscaping with Feng Shui
  • Creating a Healthy & Natural Home
  • Attracting Your Soulmate
  • Understanding Electromagnetic Fields
  • Case Study
  • Color Theory
  • Office & Cubicle Feng Shui
  • Artwork & Feng Shui
  • Nursery Feng Shui
  • Feng Shui for Fertility
  • Clutter Clearing
  • Space Clearing
  • Home Blessings
  • Secrets to Sell Real Estate Listings Fast
  • Living a Greener & Healthier Life
  • Creating an Altar
  • Conducting Corporate & Residential Consultations
  • Grounding & Protecting Yourself
  • Creating & Running Your Business
  • Professionalism & Ethics
  • Peer & Community Support
  • Marketing Your Business & Keeping Your Clients
  • Writing Bids & Pricing
  • Writing Reports
  • Practice Conducting a Feng Shui Consultation
  • Graduation Dinner & Ceremony

    To register for upcoming courses & events please call (858) 736-7241 or email amandacollins.me@gmail.com.
    We have staff and graduates available to answer all your questions.


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